Revealed: garage trends to look out for in 2018

Revealed: garage trends to look out for in 2018

The garage is no longer the afterthought of home property design, so when it comes to bringing your house up to date for 2018, there are a number of garage trends you need to be considering.

Colour is key
Garage doors are no longer bland and boring, but colour themed to tone and compliment the overall look and design of your home. There are a vast range of colours and toning shades to choose from, in order to showcase your property. Garages are now at the centre of design in regards to the exterior of the house or office, and are key to the overall look. This trend is set to continue in 2018.

The power of technology
Garages are used to store a number of our most valuable items, as well as doubling up as workspace areas. Thus, keeping vehicles, electrical tools and equipment secure is very important. Garages can be fitted with thermal doors to retain heat, reduce dampness and other weather conditions from permeating the interior, making it a warmer and more comfortable environment. These all-weather doors are also useful in keeping any environment airy, without letting in pests and insects.

Garage doors or roller doors, fitted with electric opening systems, can be monitored and controlled from remote devices, including smart phones or user sensors fitted to a car. There are a number of different types and designs of doors that have integrated technology, which will make your life a lot easier and give peace of mind when it comes to home security. State of the art garage doors connected with a handheld device, is a growth area for the New Year.

Wood treatments and finishes
Designers in 2017 have noted the move toward the more traditional materials being featured in and around the home. They have put this down to the fact that people are surrounded by technology, so there is a growing need to get back to traditional roots. The focus in 2018 is for wood finishes, and for the home interior, this would link to wooden furniture, for example. For areas outside the home, the trend will be exterior wood toned accents. Wooden colonnades or timber framework is going to be very on trend, and this can be matched with timber garage doors.

Going green
Still a trend that will extend into 2018, the updating of energy efficiency practices and reducing of our individual carbon footprint continues. Keeping homes and offices energy efficient, means that the thermal insulation on the exterior of our buildings has to be revisited. Garages need to be insulated to cut back on loss of heat, so thermally insulated doors and windows that look good and save money, are definitely on trend.

Multifunctional space
People continue to invest in their property and as the family grows, it may not be cost-effective to move or build on to the home. Garages will increasingly become multifunctional spaces, so garage doors that have bigger windows in order to bring light into the space, are another fashion to watch out for in the New Year.

Make sure you speak to an expert in garage doors to get more information on how you can stay up to speed with the latest garage trends in 2018.