Should You Insulate Your Garage Door?

Should You Insulate Your Garage Door?

Insulating your roof and walls is a crucial part of the construction process which no homeowners should skip. However, did you know it’s sensible to insulate your garage as well? Plenty of people don’t bother with what they mistakenly believe to be an unnecessary add-on, meaning they miss out on a whole host of benefits.

Read on to find out why you should insulate your garage door and the best ways to do so.

You’ll Save on Your Energy Bill
You are probably thinking you don’t need to keep your garage warm in winter, and cool in summer because you only spend a few minutes in there each day. While this may be the case, you’ll be surprised to learn how the temperature of your garage can affect the rest of the house as well. Poorly insulated garages cause havoc on the temperature of connecting rooms. As a result, you’ll have to spend a considerable amount on extra electricity to keep the household comfortable all year round.

The exact savings are difficult to gauge because it varies depending on the layout of your home and the garage. However, don’t be surprised if you pay off your modest investment in a few years through reduced electricity bills.

You’ll Sound Proof the Garage
One of the benefits of insulating a garage is that you’ll add a considerable layer of soundproofingas well. If you’ve got a roaring V8, or a teenage son who likes to do band practice in the garage, your neighbours probably won’t be overly thrilled. Your neighbourly relations will drastically improve if you’ve got some garage insulation to muffle the noise.

Another massive advantage is that soundproofing works both ways. If you live in a loud area such as a busy avenue, much of that annoying street noise will likely come through to your home via garage. Adding insulation will reduce the background noise and significantly improve your quality of life.

Where to Insulate in Your Garage
The garage door is the quickest and easiest place to insulate, and will also provide the best results.
Insulating the ceiling and walls is considerably more complex. Although the process may save you significant money in the long term, you’ll need to spend a fair bit up front. Consult a specialist insulator to determine if the job is worth doing for your garage.

The Different Kinds of Garage Door Insulation to Consider
The best thing about insulating your garage door is that it’s a relatively simple process that doesn’t require professional help. Famous for being cheap and easy, polystyrene foam boards are the most popular option for garage doors.

Alternatively, this could be done professionally by a garage door company using Thermadoor. It’ll give you the peace of mind knowing that your investment to insulate the garage will be done professionally with proper product and installation warranties.

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