Simple ways to give your garage an instant makeover

Simple ways to give your garage an instant makeover

Open the garage doors of the majority of family garages around the country, and the sight of storage boxes, family bicycles and play equipment, spare chairs and old furniture along with an assortment of cabinets and worktops covered in tools, will likely meet the eye. Some are so cluttered that it is impossible to manoeuvre yourself between the discarded toys and piles of paper and cardboard awaiting a trip to the recycling centre, let alone park a car in it.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is a saying that springs to mind when reviewing the sorry state of many a household garage. Yet it is relatively easy to give your garage an instant makeover, so that it becomes a place for you to keep the family car, a workshop or utility space, or even a “man club”.

Clear the clutter
Decide on what you want to keep from your garage, and then start to clear out the clutter. From old bicycles or play equipment that the children have grown out of to the exercise machine that never gets used, remove the clutter, recycle items and/or hold a garage sale to clear out the contents you don’t need.

Clean and paint the insides
Sweep out and clean the inside space, wash any windows, and use a high pressure hose and detergent to get rid of oil stains and spillage. Depending on the type of entrance to the garage, fix any broken door hinges or ensure any necessary garage door repairs are done, and repaint the outside door, or clean the roller shutters.

Once the floor and walls are clean and dry, you can repaint the flooring too, or, depending on your budget, have an epoxy resin laid. These come in a variety of colours and will give an instant boost to tired-looking floors. If you choose to paint the floor, and if you are looking to use the garage as a multi-use space, think about having one colour for the vehicles to park on, and another colour to define and mark out areas for a workspace or even a relaxation area.

Organise the space
Storage does not have to be expensive, and comes in a wide variety of styles and designs, so pick one that will be hardwearing and easy to keep clean and dust-free. If you have some height in the garage with open rafters, use boards to create a storage space. Then you can put away boxes of Christmas and holiday decorations, suitcases or the inflatable paddling pool, but store them in sections for summer, autumn and winter use. Not only will they be safely stored away, but you will also find them easier to get to, without hours of searching around.

Invest in hooks and shelving for the walls, and again, organise them into sections – one for household tools, another for mechanical repairs, and others for woodworking or hobby work, depending on your preference. Keeping storage boxes and shelves in the same design and material will also give your garage an instant makeover.

Work, rest and play space
Organise the garage into zones, and set up a workbench with good lighting next to your work tools. If you have room for a small fridge, sofa and music centre, then why not turn the garage into a man club? There might even be room for a dartboard so you can kick back and relax after a hard day’s work – in a garage that now looks the part.