Steps to making the most of your garage space

Steps to making the most of your garage space

If you find yourself having to park the car in front of the garage because your garage is full of family junk, or you have had to turn the spare bedroom into a workshop and the holiday decorations are now perched precariously on top of your wardrobe, then it might be a good time to get stuck into making the most of your garage space.

Clear the space as well as time in your diary
You will need to put aside a few days in order to do a little planning and clearing of the garage, before starting work on the areas that will ensure it becomes a place that is practical, useable and that might even have room for you to park your car.

Decide what it is you want from the area, such as storage for garden equipment, bicycles or leisure gear, a workspace and tool shed, or even somewhere to escape from the pressures and noise of family life from time to time. It may be that you are looking for a combination of all of the above, but you need to commit your thoughts to paper.

Then arrange to clear out all the clutter and dispose of those articles that you have either outgrown, no longer use, are broken beyond repair or you just don’t need anymore. Once you have cleared the space, then it is on to the next stage of cleaning and maintenance.

Clean and maintain
In new properties, there may not be a lot of maintenance to do, but check that doors, including B&D garage doors, and access points are safe and secure (particularly if you are planning to store expensive items in your garage). Check the floor for cracks, and clean out and sweep the whole area before doing any essential maintenance and decorating. If you are planning to hang cabinets on the wall or from roof rafters, then do ensure that they are able to take the weight.

Organise the layout
One of the easiest ways to do this is to paint the garage floor and mark out areas for workbenches, vehicles and storage space. If you want to plan a chill out area with seating, a mini fridge for beers and a TV, do factor them in as well. Then you can start to build shelves, hang storage options, and fix hooks and brackets upon which to keep your tools or garden equipment.

Heads up for the high spaces
Use the roof space for longer-term storage of items such as the family camping gear and canoe or raft, as well as the holiday decorations. Longer ladders can also be safely stored out of the way at head height for whenever you need them. Wheelbarrows can be hung on walls instead of cluttering up the doorway, and even kids’ and adults’ bicycles can be hung from sturdy wall brackets, giving you more floor space.

Space saving tips
Building a folding workbench offers more storage space, and hanging up work tools, including power tools, above the bench keeps everything at hand for when you need them. Plastic storage bins can also be made to hang from the ceiling using homemade sliding supports so you don’t waste an inch of useable space.

Last but not least, once you’ve got everything organised and sorted, you’ll of course want to make sure that your garage is secure, and part of that means ensuring that your garage door is in good condition and working properly. Need some advice? A reputable garage door professional such as AllStyle Garage Doors in Adelaide will be happy to help you out, so speak to them today!