The benefits of B&D garage doors

The benefits of B&D garage doors

With so many different styles, colours and choices to choose from, it can be difficult to know which B&D garage door is going to be best for you. Focusing on the benefits of each of the 3 main types of will help you to narrow down your choice as you decide which one you to buy.

The classic roller door
This product has been around since the mid 1950s so it is a tried, tested and trusted product across Australia and overseas. It will suit most residential requirements and installation is very simple. Unlike the “tilt” door which opens outwards, cars can be parked up to the front of the roller door because it rolls upwards and is neatly stored in a steel cylinder fixed to the inside of the garage.

Even if there is not that much space overhead in the garage or if there are other immoveable obstacles in place, such as lighting or pipework, this will not affect the roller door. The cylindrical drum into which the rolled door is stored can be fixed at the top of the garage opening so minimal ceiling space is needed.

It can be manually operated and is light enough for those who cannot lift heavier loads, making it ideal for older residents or those with back and joint problems, for example. This door can also be easily automated if required.

The Flex-A-Door
This durable flexible steel “curtain” glides effortlessly from a vertical position along curved tracks up and across to a horizontal position parallel to the ceiling. The door is made from corrugated steel, which gives it flexibility, and as the open position leaves it very close to the ceiling, it allows for maximum headroom too.

This benefits those who drive vehicles such as SUVs or 4WDs, and who need that extra height. Vehicles can also be parked up close to the front of the garage door so it is not a space waster. As with the roller door, it is safe to use and very easy to operate.

The sectional door
As it sounds, this door is made of a number of panels or sections and can be manufactured in steel, which is the most common material, or if required, in timber. Horizontal tracks are fixed to the ceiling and the sectional door moves up and along to give maximum headroom. Again the vehicle can be parked up against the door and this design does not need a lot of headroom but fits into very wide openings as well. For garages that are slightly wider or that do not conform to a standard shape, having a door that is made of panels means that these can be measured up and custom fitted to suit the needs of the buyer. The big benefit with these doors has to be the variety of designs and profiles available.

Tailored to your needs
Whatever your requirements, whether you own a residential property or an industrial building, there will be a B&D garage door to suit your needs. B&D garage doors are safe and sturdy, attractive to look at, and easy to use, so why not speak to a trusted B&D garage door provider today to find out more!