Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe If the Garage Door Is Your Main Entryway

Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe If the Garage Door Is Your Main Entryway

The front door is designed to be the primary entrance of your home. But is it really?

Close proximity to the driveway and a larger entry space means many families end up coming inside via the garage. And given the presence of a mechanical rolling door and other nearby hazards, there’s a certain element of danger there, especially when children are involved.

Rather than changing your routine (which probably isn’t going to happen), let’s take a look at what you can do to keep your family safe in the garage.

Keep It Clean
The more junk you’ve got lying around, the more hazardous your garage becomes. Keep the space clear of clutter to reduce the chance of someone having a nasty fall.

Ensure Your Tools Safely Stashed Away
Take measures to ensure your kids won’t be able to hurt themselves with your hardware collections. Keep your smaller hand tools in a toolbox and ensure that it is tucked away at all times. As for bigger tools such as hacksaws, hang them up safely out of reach of prying hands.

Make Sure Nothing Could Fall Over
You’ve likely got heaps of different objects in your garage that could topple over and severely injure one of your family. Check all your shelves, machinery, and furniture for stability, ensuring they wouldn’t fall over if accidentally bumped in to.
Although not particularly heavy, step ladders are known to tip over when not properly stored. Fold yours up and stow it horizontally on the ground rather than vertically.

Keep Your Poisons and Inflammables Out of Reach
Little kids are curious and love nothing more than playing around with whatever they lay their eyes on. With that in mind, it’s crucial to keep dangerous liquids well and truly out of reach. Go a step further by storing them out of sight, so as to remove the temptation to play with something new completely.

Educate Everyone on Door Safety
Garage doors are cumbersome contraptions that can cause severe injury or death if misused. As much fun as they may be having, strictly forbid your kids from playing Indiana Jones by running underneath the door while it’s closing.

Furthermore, teach them to stay a safe distance away whenever the door is opening or closing to avoid crushing a hand or foot in the mechanism.

Check your Sensors Periodically
Your garage door sensors are a crucial safety device that tells the roller door to open should it detect an obstruction. If your children were to be fooling around with the door, it could potentially save their lives.

Therefore, it’s vital to periodically check your sensors to ensure they’re in good working order, which can be found on the left and right-hand side just above the floor. Confirm the sensors align and that any obstacles will cause the door to retract.

Get a Professional to Maintain Your Garage Door
Modern roller doors use something called a torsion spring to open and close, which is constantly storing a tremendous amount of pressure. If it were to snap from wear and tear, it could seriously injure or kill anyone nearby.

Speak to an expert about maintenance and any garage door repairs. Never attempt to change any of the springs yourself!
By following the simple above steps, you can keep your family safe from all the potential hazards in your garage.

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