Top 5 reasons why your garage door stopped working

Top 5 reasons why your garage door stopped working

A broken garage door can be a real pain. After all, where are you going to park your car?
Although these contraptions might appear relatively straightforward, several connected parts mean there could be any number of reasons why it has stopped working. You can fix some of these yourself, while others will definitelyrequire the attention of a qualified professional.

Here are five reasons why your garage door might have stopped working and what you can do about it.

The Transmitter Batteries Have Gone Flat
Let’s start with the most obvious and common issue first. Garage door transmitters require a battery, and if that battery has run flat,it will no longer work. The easiest way to test this is by opening the door manually via the transmitter attached to the inside wall of your garage. If it opens, the problem is with your handheld transmitter.

Replace with new batteries into your transmitter and try again. If the handheld transmitter still doesn’t work, the device is broken. Use your backup transmitter until you can replace it.

Something is Blocking the Door or Tracks
Roller garage doors are designed to automatically retract when there is something in their path. This critical in built safety feature prevents potential damage to property or serious injury. Consequently, it won’t close if anything is on the ground underneath the door.

Having said that, it’s pretty obvious when something is obstructing the door. A more likely scenario is that something is blocking the tracks. Grab a ladder and clear out anything covering the tracking element. Something as simple as a dead insect, rocks, or debris could prevent the door from operating.

The Photo Eye Sensor Could Be Dirty or Out of Alignment
If your door opens but won’t close again, it’s likely the problem lies with its photo eye sensor. This is the electronic device that detects anything underneath the door for safety reasons, as mentioned above.

One potential problem is dirty lenses. Climb up there and take a look. If there is a build-up of dust, clean it gently with a soft cloth and a streak-freeglass cleaning agent. Be sure to dry it off after to ensure dustwon’t stick to the wet lens.

Another issue is that the lenses could be out of alignment. Use a laser pointer or level to check the two are pointing in the same direction and at the same angle. If not, you can try aligning them by hand.

It Might be Manually Locked
You may not even be aware, but many rolling garage doors come with a manual lock mechanism which is intended to add extra home security. Although uncommon, it’s entirely possible to accidentally lock your garage door if someone were to bump into the switch.
Search for a knob or handle in the middle of the door with horizontal bars protruding off both sides. If you find one, turn it until you hear an audible click. This will manually unlock the door which allows it to resume operation.

Broken Tension Cables
If your rolling garage door closes rapidly or bangs on the ground, its tension cables are probably broken. This situation is extremely dangerous. Stop using the door immediately until you can get a professional to look into the matter.

Other issues
There could be other reasons why your door might have stopped working. Never try to fix anything related to the springs or cables yourself as doing so could result in serious injury or death. Qualified and experienced service technicians are the only people capable of fixing these issues safely.

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