Turning Your Shed Into An Office

Turning Your Shed Into An Office

Better work/life balance. A quiet work environment. Fewer distractions. Peaceful surroundings. No travel time or costs. Free rental. No constraints over office decor.

If you like the sound of this, you probably love the idea of working from home. But what if there simply isn’t enough space in your house to set up a dedicated work area? Well, if you have an existing outdoor shed or an area in your backyard that’s big enough to install one, it may just be the perfect working solution.

Here are some great ideas for converting your shed into a fabulous work-from-home office.

Insulate and weatherproof the building. Older sheds will probably need some TLC to get them ready for work such as damp-proofing and insulation, whilst new constructions can be custom-built to provide a totally secure and watertight environment.

Power it up. You will need electricity in your new home office, so the next step is to call in a professional to power it up with mains or solar energy. When choosing lighting for your shed, make sure it’s appropriate for your line of work and that it creates an environment where you can be productive and comfortable.

Install temperature controls. No-one can work efficiently in an oven or a fridge, so you will need some kind of heating/cooling system like a ceiling fan or air-conditioner.

Secure your shed. You’ll probably keep a fair bit of electronic equipment in your shed (such as a computer, printer and scanner) so you will need to protect your valuables from uninvited visitors. Quality locks on the windows and the doors are a must plus you may want to consider mesh screens as an extra defence against insects and other pests.

Plan your layout. You’ll need to plan your layout carefully, particularly in a compact area. Work out where your desk should go (consider things like natural light from a window) and plan all the other elements carefully such as power points, whiteboard, bulletin board, storage etc. Make sure you measure the spaces carefully so that your furniture choices are the right size - and now it’s time to decorate!

Decorate your office. You don’t have to put up with dingy office furniture anymore - now you can choose furniture, paint colours, accessories and personal touches that make your heart sing. Remember, pale colours create the illusion of space and if you intend holding business meetings in your shed office, it will need to look professional.

Plants for productivity. Greenery adds a fresh, natural touch to any office, so enhance your environment with some beautiful container plants to create a workplace which motivates and inspires you.

An outdoor shed may not seem like an obvious choice for a home office, but with some careful planning and a bit of imagination, it can be the perfect solution. Whether they’re converted or custom-built, sheds provide a cost-effective, convenient and attractive space where you can get down to serious business.

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