We Have More Sheds for the Hobby You Love

We Have More Sheds for the Hobby You Love

Yes, we do have more than just Garden Sheds, Garages and Workshops for you!

If you’ve got a family or if you simply love enjoying your garden, you’ll also love our Playhouses, Aviaries and Gazebos. These outdoors structures will definitely add more life and style to your home.


cedar shed multi play cubby

Spare some space in your garden so your little ones can have fun and physical activity right at home. You can put up one of our playhouses where they can set up an intimate tea party or a story-time nook. Or you can set up our Castle Supreme, complete with slide and ladder to keep the little bodies active.

Start the fun by checking these out on http://www.simplysheds.com.au/c/timber-cubby-houses/:
  • Cedar Shed Multi-Play Cubby - 1.16m x 1.09m x 2.48m
  • Cedar Shed Playshop - 1.5m x 1.2m x 1.85m
  • Cedar Shed Castle Supreme - 1.6m x 2.35m x 3.2m


absco aviary gable roof

If you need a secure area for your pets, you should check out our Aviaries. While they’re made for birds and fowls, they can also serve as excellent catteries or kennels. They’re all made of Bluescope Zincalume or Colorbond steel materials, which are known to be thermally efficient and corrosion-resistant. You’ll find them hygienic and sturdy pet shelters.

To start with, see these models on http://www.simplysheds.com.au/c/outdoor-structures-aviaries/:
  • Aviary Flat Roof 1.52 X 0.78 X 1.8 Zinc
  • Aviary Gable Roof 2.26 x 1.52 x 2 Pale Eucalypt
  • Aviary Gable Roof 3 x 2.26 x 2.06 Pale Eucalypt


cedar shed brighton gazebo

Want a lovely area where you can entertain friends or sit back and relax? Enjoy looking at our Gazebos and choose which one would fit your style and space. Our top picks are made of high-grade timber boards and steel roofing materials.

Consider these items on http://www.simplysheds.com.au/c/gazebos/:
  • Cedar Shed Brighton Gazebo
  • Cedar Shed Chalet Gazebo
  • Cedar Shed Strathmore Gazebo

The products we’ve mentioned here are manufactured with excellent steel and/or timber materials and come with multiple-year warranties. We also do our best to give you your shed in the most convenient way possible – with our FREE Depot Delivery or Flat-Rate Home Delivery offers. Go to SimplySheds.com.au or talk to our Customer Service team today to know more about our products and services today.