Weve Got the Shed for the Hobby You Love

Weve Got the Shed for the Hobby You Love

As we’re hearing all about love in this Valentine month, we’d like to talk to you about the hobbies and interests that are close to your heart.

We always boast the wide range of sheds that we deliver across Australia. One reason we do carry all these products is to give you your own space where you can indulge in that favourite hobby of yours.

We don’t just have one type of shed. They vary in dimensions, door types and overall design to suit your requirements. To show you what we’re talking about, we’re featuring here three of our best-selling products: Workshops, Garages and Garden Sheds. They’re all made of high-quality steel proven to last for years even with minimal effort in maintenance.


absco workshop

If you love to paint your walls, build your shelves and do all that carpentry on your own, take a look at our Workshops. They come in different sizes so you’ll have just the right space to store your tools or large pieces of equipment and even place a workbench.

Some of the choices you might want to check out on http://www.simplysheds.com.au/c/workshop-sheds/:
  • Workshop 4.48m(W) x 2.26m(D) x 2m(H) in Zinc
  • Yardpro Workshop 360A 3.6m x 3.4m in Zinc
  • Highlander 5.96m(W) x 3m(D) x 2.3m(H) Colorbond


spanbilt double garage

Cars, bikes or boats? You’ll find a Garage in our catalogue to suit whatever you need. We’ve got one-, two- and three-car models. Our door designs include double barn, tilt and roller. And we’re sure you’ll find the design combination that you want. You can have a double garage with a single tilt door or a triple garage with three separate roller doors, for instance.

To begin shopping, see these options on http://www.simplysheds.com.au/c/sheds-garages/:
  • Absco Zincalume 3.4m x 5.5m x 2.47m Double Barn Door W41N3 Garage
  • Absco Garage Double - 5.6m x 5.5m x 2.66m with Single Tilt Door W41N3 Colorbond
  • Spanbilt Smartbild Triple Garage 6m x 9m 2.7m Colour

Garden Shed

absco garden shed

And of course, for those of you who love tending to greens and blooms, our wide selection of Garden Sheds are always available – often with further discounts and other perks.

Choose from our slimmest designs if you’ve got a very limited space. Or you can shop from our square sheds or 3m-wide models if you need more room for the mower, pots and other necessities.

Look for these Garden Sheds and more on http://www.simplysheds.com.au/c/garden-sheds/:
  • Ezi Compact 0.78m(W) x 0.78m(D) x 1.8m(H) in Zinc
  • Yardsaver F52 1.76m x 0.72m in Zinc
  • Premier 2.26m(W) X 2.26m(D) X 2m(H) Paper Bark

Our sheds are made using only quality steel materials and processes and come with multiple-year warranties. We also do our best to give you your shed in the most convenient way possible – with our FREE Depot Delivery or Flat-Rate Home Delivery offers. Go to SimplySheds.com.au or talk to our Customer Service team today to know more about our products and services today.