Whats up with Regent and Daylite Garden Sheds?

Whats up with Regent and Daylite Garden Sheds?

Our Premier Sheds are our most popular products. The gable roof, overall design and size options make them classic structures that can fit in almost any garden. But if you want a shed that has added charm up on the roof, you should see our Regent and Daylite Garden Sheds.

Like our Premier Sheds, these quality products are made by popular Aussie steel sheds manufacturer, ABSCO Industries. Both Regent and Daylite kits are mainly composed of Bluescope Zincalume materials, the steel brand that’s known for its resistance to corrosion and thermal efficiency.

If you want colour in your garden, you can opt for the Colorbond models of these sheds. This steel brand is also Zincalume, but painted using a special baking process. The paint lasts for years without chipping, cracking or other problems associated with standard steel finishing processes. Colour options of Colorbond sheds vary from model to model.

Regent Shed

absco regent
ABSCO Regent Garden Sheds at SimplySheds.com.au

The main attraction of this shed is the slight overhang that gives accent to its gable roof. It features either a single braced door or a double placed at the gable end. Depending on the model, the single door can be right at the centre or flushed to the side.

Sizes of this shed design vary from 1.52m x 1.44 to 3m x 3.66m. Heights (at the gable) range from 1.95m to 2.06m.

Daylite Shed

absco daylite colorbond
ABSCO Daylite Garden Sheds at SimplySheds.com.au

It is a flat-roof shed perfect for those with limited outdoor spaces. This 1.52m x 1.52m structure has a height of 2.06m and features a skylight panel across the front wall panel. So this compact storage box won’t be too dark for you to look for your gardening tools or sporting gear. It is available in Zincalume and Colorbond versions.

See our site for more about these two shed designs. Please feel free to ask us, too, about the colours and other details regarding Regent and Daylite Sheds so you’ll know which one will fit your needs.