Winter Party Prep: 4 Tips to Keep Guests Warm in the Garden

Winter Party Prep: 4 Tips to Keep Guests Warm in the Garden

We usually throw garden parties during the summer. But you and your friends might want something new and have some drinks or even a full dinner under the stars in winter. As a host, it’s your job to keep them warm and cosy. And here are tips on how you can do that:

Focus on Fire

You don’t need to think hard on the theme or focal point of your event. Turn up the heat with nothing else but fire. If you’ve got a permanent fire pit, use it. Otherwise, you can opt to get a portable one or a brazier. You can also think of a luau and have some tiki torches all around.

If you’re thinking of having a barbecue for a small group who loves food and fun, consider setting up a central grill. Allow each guest to choose the food they want to toast and roast. -- seafood, veggies, chicken, sausages, marshmallows, etc.

Get Ready for Cover

Patio Awnings at Simply Sheds

Even if you want to enjoy the whole time in an open-air setup, still consider being ready for guests who’d want to stay at least with a roof. You can place a temporary tent or you can have your patio installed with a sturdy awning.

You can see our Patio Awnings in various sizes and colours at They’re all made of high-quality steel and easy to install.

Cosies and Throws

Best seats to use are those with cushions or, at least, warm covers. Place throws on the seats so they can be your venue’s accents and, at the same time, something for your guests to wrap in or place on their knees once it gets colder. Keep this in mind – it will, indeed, make your guests remember you as a creative and thoughtful host.

Light ‘Em Up

Lighting in parties set the mood. It can even make or break the event. In this case, it can add to warming up the place. Whatever type of lights you choose can add warmth to your garden. You can hang lanterns on trees or place candles on tables. You can also place footlights to also highlight your favourite areas or plants in your garden in addition to having more heat.

These pointers are a great way to kick off your party planning for the winter season. And if you need to have a secure storage or covered area for your property, see Simply Sheds’ products – all made to last Aussie weather conditions the whole year round.