You Haven't Seen Space-Saving Sheds Until You've Seen These!

You Haven't Seen Space-Saving Sheds Until You've Seen These!

If you’re still looking for space-saving sheds, make sure you check out these Flat-Roof Sheds made by ABSCO. And keep in mind that we’re letting you grab them with the best possible deal you can get online or offline.
absco ezi compact zinc
ABSCO Ezi Compact Garden Shed 0.78m x 0.78 in Zinc

If you need to have a place where you can keep your brooms, rakes or even a push mower, this ABSCO Ezi Compact Shed is your solution. This flat-roof square shed comes with a single door with pad bolt.

Even if you’ve got a limited space in your yard, this can easily fit in the corner and help keep your outdoor tidy. With its height of 1.8m, you can also place it in a garage or a workshop that’s at least 2 metres tall.

ABSCO Ezislim Shed 0.78 x 1.52m
absco ezislim
And if you want a little more room, this would be the ideal choice for you. The deeper built of this shed can accommodate a ride-on mower, in addition to your long-handled tools and other equipment.

Like the Ezi Compact, the Ezislim won’t give you any trouble even if you’ve got a limited space. It can be your storage in the backyard or garage.

ABSCO Economy Shed 1.52m x 3m
absco economy shed
Our Economy Sheds should be your pick if you want a slim shed that has a 3-metre space and a 1.8-metre tall wall. Its Colorbond model is available in Pale Eucalypt and Paper Bark, but it can also be ordered in the no-frills Zincalume material.

All these sheds come in Colour and in Zinc. Our Zinc models use Bluescope Zincalume, which is known for its being corrosion-resistant and thermally efficient. Our Colour sheds also use Zincalume as steel base but painted using a special baking process, so it doesn’t chip or crack easily.

Like most ABSCO Sheds, these flat-roofs come with a comprehensive 30-year warranty. And we at Simply Sheds offer them with our Best Price Guarantee!

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