Simple Steps To Add Large Wall Mirrors To Your Space

Simple Steps To Add Large Wall Mirrors To Your Space

Full length or large wall mirrors are a vital tool for your home. They can let you perform several tasks that cannot be done by small mirrors. For instance, you need a large mirror to dress yourself up every morning and see the overall effect of the dress or look you are sporting.

So, you must install a large wall mirror to your home. If you haven’t installed a large wall mirror ever then the simple steps to add large wall mirrors to your space mentioned over here would guide you.

Size Matters
The size of your mirror largely depends on the size of the room in which the mirror is to be placed. If you live in a rather small room, you may need to buy a medium sized mirror instead of a large wall mirror. On the other hand, if you wish to install the mirror in a spacious room, a large wall mirror would look great.

Coordination is Vital
When you buy any home décor item, like a mirror, be sure to choose the one that blends in with the look of your room or the home interiors. You cannot choose a mirror that looks out of place and expect people to appreciate it. The wall mirrors are available in so many design and size options these days that you can easily find one that matches your home decor.

Avoid a Space Crunch
When you wish to get ready daily by using the mirror, it would be wise to remember that you need to leave a lot of space in front of the mirror so that you can check your look from a distance and walk the ramp in your own room too. Placing a bed a few feet (only 1 or two feet) away from the mirror would not be a smart idea.

Brighten Everything
You can also use a mirror as a source of adding light to a dark room. Place the mirror on the wall that is just opposite the light source such as a window and you will see that the mirror reflects the light everywhere and makes the room brighter.

Hang it properly
Placing the mirror on the wall can be a bit of a challenge if you are a newbie. Consider asking help of a roommate, family member or a friend especially if the mirror is too big and has considerable weight. While hanging the mirror, mark a spot with a pencil and then follow all the instructions offered by the manufacturer on how to hang a long mirror.

You can inspect the mirror’s position before hanging it permanently to avoid making a mistake. You can even ask someone else to inspect the alignment if you can’t judge it yourself. Always remember that seeking a bit of help is way easier than hanging a crooked mirror.

Cleaning is Necessary
Every mirror needs to be maintained properly by the owner to keep it as good as new. You can clean its glass by using an easily available glass cleaner and a newspaper. If you don’t own a glass cleaner, head to the kitchen and use vinegar instead. To clean the mirror frame, using a damp soft cloth and warm water would be good as you can use it to wipe the whole surface.