Franchisee of Grayson’s Gutter Guard Geelong North

Franchisee of Grayson’s Gutter Guard Geelong North

Meet Dilpreet, the Franchisee of Grayson’s Gutter Guard Geelong North

Dilpreet is the latest addition to the franchise group Grayson’s Gutter Guard. Dilpreet is the proud franchisee of the Geelong North & Werribee territories of Grayson’s. His best friend had already been working for Grayson’s for 5 years, so that’s how he found out about the Grayson's group. Dilpreet arrived in Australia in 2014 and commenced his studies.

Some of his past jobs were working as a Delivery Driver and as a Cleaning Contractor. In his spare time he is an avid Cricket player. Asked what do you like most about being a Gutter Guard Fitter? he said, “I get to schedule the jobs when it’s convenient, so this allows me to have more time for personal things like playing Cricket on the weekends. Grayson’s was already quite established in the Geelong area that I have purchased so there’s always jobs coming in! My income has increased a lot since I started doing Gutter Guard Installation. I’ve learnt heaps of new skills in safety, business management and about roofing. There’s quite a variety of jobs that we do.”

He was recently interviewed by Business Franchise Australia Magazine!

Dilpreet is available on 1800 GUTTER (1800488837)