Gumleaf Gutter Protection Expands

Longstanding Australian owned company, Gumleaf Gutter Protection is continuing to dominate in the outdoor renovation market, having recently expanded its product line with the purchase of competing brand Leaf Man Guttering Protection.

The recent acquisition of Leaf Man Guttering Protection further cements Gumleaf’s position as a leader in its field, with the purchase including the rights to Leaf Man Guttering Protection’s trademarked name, as well as its unique screwless design that will set the company apart from its competitors.

Gumleaf Gutter Protection company director, Tom Gray, says the takeover is part of an overall strategy to remain at the top of the competitive DIY and installation market and that the addition of the screwless gutter guard will add a strong dimension to their product range.

“This is a really positive move for us,” he explained, “and will strengthen our continued growth in the Australian market place. The non-screw technology now gives us something extra to offer the consumer and opens up a whole new market of opportunities.”

With the product existing for over twelve years, Gumleaf Gutter Protection has developed a reputation as Australia’s leading supplier of quality gutter guard which is used to protect homes from the damage that can be caused from having blocked gutters, particularly during bush fire or storm seasons.

Leaf Man Guttering Protection, which launched in the nineties, had made a name for itself by creating the unique screwless gutter guard. Mr Gray said it was “a very opportune progression” for the two companies to come together as it “really adds strength to our reputation as being innovative and at the forefront of our field.

“The renovation industry is extremely competitive with a lot of companies offering gutter guard products,” he continued. “The challenge is to find a way to stand out and offer something new and I think Leaf Man Guttering Protection will really help us to achieve this goal.”

The recent purchase comes after a string of successes for Gumleaf Gutter Protection, with the brand currently expanding into the US market, where it has also been met with enthusiasm from consumers.

Mr Gray puts his company’s success down to its ability to strategically observe its competitors and move in a direction that not only projects profit, but also establishes a unique point of difference.

Gumleaf Gutter Protection currently distributes and installs gutter guard on thousands of Australian homes every year and is sold in leading DIY retailer Bunnings nationwide, with Mr Gray emphasising that even after almost a decade of operation, its main goal is still to ensure all local households are equipped with proper protection.

“Even with our success in the industry our core function remains the same,” says Mr Gray. “We aim to provide every household with a strong, long lasting gutter guard that protects from flooding, fire and debris. Ultimately it’s about customer satisfaction and the protection of people’s homes.”