6 Signs You Need A Gas Heater Service

6 Signs You Need A Gas Heater Service

Is your gas heater malfunctioning or making weird noises? Are you seeing an increase in your energy bills? If so, it’s time to get the best gas heater service.

When it comes to home appliances, gas heaters are often overlooked. The gas heater is used for a variety of tasks such as providing warm air and heating water. Many homeowners only think about servicing the appliance when there is an issue; however, this could lead to costly servicing and repairs and potential safety problems down the line.

Regular maintenance of your gas heater can help protect against carbon monoxide poisoning and other potential problems. But how do you know when It’s time to seek professional help? Here are 6 signs that your gas heater needs to be serviced.

1. Inadequate heating

If your heater is no longer providing adequate gas heating in your home, this could indicate a problem with the furnace burner or venting system. You can usually tell if this is the case by inspecting the exhaust pipe - if you see smoke or fumes coming out, then there’s likely a problem that requires an experienced technician’s attention.

2. Unusual noises

If your gas heater has started to emit hissing noises or other strange sounds, this could be a sign of a possible obstructive issue within its components which will need immediate servicing.

3. Yellow flames

Flames should always appear blue after lighting up a burner – any sign of yellow flames indicates an imbalance in fuel or air flow that must be addressed by an expert before further damage can occur.

4. Pilot light goes out frequently

The pilot light for Rinnai gas heaters in particular should stay on 100% of the time after being lit – if it keeps going out sporadically, then this means there’s an issue with either the valve or thermocouple that must be diagnosed and fixed by a qualified technician immediately.

5. Unusually high utility bills

If you notice sudden spikes in your energy bills even though you haven’t changed any habits around the house recently, then this could mean there’s something wrong with one of your gas appliances at home such as your hot water heater which might be operating inefficiently and causing higher costs in long run due to poor functionality/performance-related issues.

6. Musty smell around your home

Finally, every household should install carbon monoxide detectors in their homes as well as carry out annual inspections on all their installed gas appliances just to ensure everything is running smoothly and safely at all times – signs of musty smells and even dead plants near the heater outlet are indicative measures that something isn’t quite right within its internal mechanisms and professional intervention is needed soon.

All in all, addressing these 6 signs should help you gain an overall better understanding of when it might be time for you to call up a professional gas heater service in Sydney – don’t forget about performing regular preventive maintenance checks both yourself & via professionals, too!