How Floor Heating Will Add Value To Your Home

How Floor Heating Will Add Value To Your Home

When a person designs their future home, one of the main things that will ultimately drive the decisions they make is ambience (the feelings of tranquility and comfort that an atmosphere can invoke). Whilst the décor and colour of a room can create a certain mood, so can the type of heater you have chosen. It is becoming increasingly common for people to choose floor heating, as it adds a significant amount of value to your home in a number of ways.

So, why should I choose floor heating?
Properly done, this type of heating can completely change the mood of your home and individual rooms. Because the heat is dispersed from the floor to the ceiling, you can rest assured that your home will receive an even level of warmth without drafts and cold spots. When the human body comes into contact with the floor, it will help it to replenish the heat that is lost – this means that you can have the thermostat set two or three degrees lower without issue!

Where can this heating be installed?
The good news is that these systems can be installed in any room of the home, including bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms and even garages. There are a number of different systems available (even those that can be used in two storey homes), so you are sure to find a solution for your needs.

How are the systems installed?
There are actually three ways that floor heating can be installed. Option one means that the system will be installed at the same time as your floor (during the construction process). Option two means that the system can be installed over an existing floor with a new one laid over the top (during a renovation). And option three means that your existing covering is removed, the system is installed and a new floor is laid over the top (again, during a renovation).

What else should I know?
Whilst these systems may seem a little on the expensive side, they can last a lifetime so will eventually start to pay for themselves (especially when you consider the energy savings!). This type of heating will not interfere with pacemakers, mobile phones, radios or other devices that transmit radio waves.

If you are in the process of designing your future home (whether this means a completely new construction or a few tweaks to your existing property), we hope that you will consider floor heating. As you can see, there are a number of ways that it will add to the value of your property and your family will enjoy a luxurious level of warmth during the winter. Should you ever decide to sell, we’re sure that you will have plenty of interest.