Why choose Linea DDA over Elevator?

Why choose Linea DDA over Elevator?

Why choose Linea DDA over the conventional Elevator?
The below lists will explain in detailed the Pros and Cons in choosing the right lift for your project.

Linea DDA cabin size 1400 x 1100 vs Elevator 1600 x 1400
Linea DDA
Compliant with NCC 2016:

Compliant for travel up to 12m
(Small Sized Low Speed Automatic)

Compliant with AS1735:
AS 1735.16
AS 1735.11
AS 1735.12

Wheelchair suitable:

High Traffic public spaces:
Not suitable

- Reduced Servicing Costs
Servicing Intervals:

Every 6 mths – Low/Mid use
Every 3 mths – High use

Servicing cost:
Approx. $350 per service

- Reduced Construction Costs
Installation time:
1-2 weeks
Lifting points at top of shaft???????: Not required
Scaffold: Mobile Scaffold included at no charge during installation
Pit Depth: 200mm
Structural Walls required: 1x wall
Door Sill Rebates: Not required
Water issues in pit: Not common as pit is only 200mm
Headroom / Overrun: 2600mm
Shaft Size: 1550 x 1750
Power Requirements during installation: 230v/10a Can be installed on temp power

For a more detailed comparison: please see the actual link blow: