Aussie Home Loans: Available Options for 2019

Aussie Home Loans: Available Options for 2019

An increase in the value of owner-occupier financing increased by 4.5%, equivalent for $13.89 billion. Such an increase is recorded as the highest since February 2016 according to historical data. Refinance for owner-occupied homes also increased, for the first time by 0.8%, equivalent to $6.26 billion after 3 consecutive months of being on the negative. Still, in the owner-occupier sector under loans for investors, an increase in September 2018 was also observed adding a 0.6% lift or $9.884 billion.

However, despite all these increased, the housing finance sector has been falling for a year by 8.6%. Together with home loan refinancing, a 6% decrease with owner-occupier finance falling by 3.2%

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Home Loan Options for 2019

The New Year is one of the common seasons where new beginnings commence. Building a home or moving into a new one would be a great way to start 2019. Getting a mortgage at the start of the year would be your ticket to a new home this coming new year.

Expat Home Loans in 2019

Property prices for homes in Australia trended downwards at the end of 2018. Cautious investors, a tightening in lending practices by banks and a new set of housing supply are just some of the factors that contributed to the downward turn. However, with the real estate market slowly picking up in 2019, we might see a fairly increase both in local and international home purchases in the land down under.

A strong but steady population growth, lower unemployment rates, increase in first-home buyer activity and a rapid improvement in wage growth, predictions of a healthier and busy real estate market are common among investors and real estate enthusiasts.

House prices are predicted to increase roughly from 3-5% in cities like Perth, Canberra, and Brisbane. Adelaide and Hobart properties may increase in value by 2% while those in Melbourne might stay within the average value they had in 2018. This would be a good basis for choosing the location of the property you want to purchase or invest in the coming new year.

Expat home loans can be quite difficult when you cannot attend to your documentation needs while working or living abroad. Consulting with a mortgage specialist would be ideal to make the process easier. With a slowdown in the home construction in Australia being observed this coming year, it would be ideal to invest in a home right now before home prices begin to increase in value.

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Mortgage Applications in 2019

In 2019, interest only home loan applications made a few years ago are about to reach its end. With these in mind, it will be more expensive to repay a mortgage. The jump in repayments could add around $400 every month to repay their mortgages.
Is this a similar scenario you’re about to face the moment you decide to apply for a mortgage and get approved for an interest-only repayment period? That is not always the case. Talking with a loan specialist gives you options. Most of the time, they can provide you with options you never knew exist. It would be ideal to get help from these experienced professionals to be able to secure a loan and to repay it without hurting your budget in the future.

Intellichoice does not only provide an immediate solution to your need. We aim to provide a long-term opportunity to have your own home, without the risks of you losing it, or having to give up on other areas or aspects of your finances. Talk to an Intellichoice mortgage broker today and make your dream of moving into a new home in 2019 a reality.


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