Moving In To Your New House? Make Sure You’ve Got Everything Covered

Moving In To Your New House? Make Sure You’ve Got Everything Covered

Moving to a new house can be as daunting as buying a new property. But it doesn’t have to be that stressful if you follow this quick list of things you need to prepare before the D-day.

From simple redirecting mails to inventory of furniture, these small things, if done properly, can be a crucial element in making sure to have a smooth moving out.

Moving into a new house is a major feat. It can’t be done overnight--unless if you want to start your life in your new house agonising.

Before moving in

Give yourself at least a month to prepare the things to bring when you move out and your new house.

Make sure you have commissioned a moving company that’s registered under the Australian Furniture Removers Association (FAPRA).

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If you decide to bring with you some of your old appliances and furniture, make sure that you have an idea of your new house’s floor plan. Otherwise, you will just be collecting stuff, which will likely end up in the storage.

You also need to process your new address with the electoral office and to make sure that you have all your documents are all secured. You may also arrange your mail forwarding and make sure all your incoming mails will be redirected to your new address.

During this time, it is also advised to cancel all your active subscriptions--cable, newspaper, etc. If possible, you may ask these service providers if you will be allowed to continue these subscriptions in your new address.

Now that you’re done with the essential documents, make sure you have a detailed inventory of all your appliances. You can also decide which one you will retain or discard.

Moving Day

After all the preparations have been done, the day has finally arrived. Now that you have moved into your new dream house, it’s best that you are hands on in the actual process of moving in.

To ensure that all furniture and appliances are placed in the right area of the house where you envisioned it to be, you need to guide the movers exactly where you want these items positioned. Otherwise, you will end up moving them around yourself.

Remember the inventory of furniture and appliances you made before moving in? Now use that to check if all are all accounted for. Make sure the heavy fixtures are positioned in their right place and all are all assembled already.

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It is also essential to make sure that all utility lines are connected and working. Are the locks secured? If not, you need to prioritise that within the same day. Otherwise, you will sleep bothered if anyone will break into your house--you don’t want that experience on your first day, right?

If you have pets, make sure you give them days so they can adjust in their new environment before letting them explore their new place.

Once you’re settled in, you need to contact your local council for your garbage collection. You can also get your new resident’s folders.

Don’t forget to meet and greet your new neighbors! Enjoy your new place!


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