Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

What to do when buying a house.


Home Finance Centres of Australia (Hobart) has available, our Homebuyers guide, Your Home Your Mortgage.


  1. Using a Mortgage Broker
  2. 2Smart Saving tips
  3. Refinancing Your Mortgage
  4. Checklist – moving in
  5. Sourcing a broker
  6. Borrowing within your means
  7. Government incentives
  8. Interest rates and your mortgage
  9. Lender Mortgage insurance
  10. Product Choice
  11. Products at a glance
  12. Loan Pre-approval
  13. managing your Mortgage
  14. Buying skills
  15. Other expenses
  16. Checklist – choosing your home
  17. Buyers agents
  18. Checklist – pre-purchase checks
  19. Preparing for your move
  20. Insurance
  21. New neighbourhood

If you are considering a home purchase and you would like one of these very useful work books please let me know?