4 Questions You Need to Ask Your Property Inspector

4 Questions You Need to Ask Your Property Inspector

Home inspection is a tenuous process, but it is a process that you, a homebuyer, should not skip. It is only through this process that you will know whether a property is a great investment or not. This looming process is inevitable, so it is important to look for an excellent property inspector ahead of time. After all, your decision will be largely determined by the inspector’s report. This is why it is important to ask these important questions before you decide to hire a property inspection company.

Are their inspectors certified in property inspection?

You need to hire a certified property inspector. Inspectors need to undergo intensive and comprehensive training in building and home inspection before they could conduct an inspection and prepare a report. A certification assures you of their proficiency when it comes to home inspection. It is important that you see their certification before you hire anyone.

Do you have a professional indemnity insurance?

Make sure that the property inspection company you choose to hire is covered with a professional indemnity insurance. This insurance protects both you and the inspector from liability in case any problem arises in the future. Without this insurance, you could end up with a colossal problem that your inspector overlooked.

What can I expect from your inspection?

You have to make sure that the inspection will meet the Australian standards. It should satisfy all the requirements of the state and the local council. Your inspector should be able to provide a list of what the inspection would cover. It would take two to three hours to complete the inspection for a single family home. Be suspicious of awfully short inspections. Your home inspector should not overlook any major issue with the property. Ideally, you should go with the inspector as he conducts the inspection.

What kind of report can I expect?

It is important that you receive a report that is comprehensive and easy-to-understand. It should be written and legible. It shouldn’t contain a lot of technical jargon that only serves to confuse the reader. You should ask when you could expect to receive the report. Ideally, they should be able to provide it within 24 hours from inspection.

These are the 4 basic questions that you need to ask various property inspectors before you make your choice.