Choosing the Builder That is Right for You

Choosing the Builder That is Right for You

A new home or renovation is a valuable commodity. You should always check credentials and references to ensure you make a wise and informed decision when choosing the right builder for your project.

Matching Portfolio

What are your plans so far as design? You will want a builder who has the skills to transform your vision into a reality. Checking out the portfolios of each potential builder will allow you to see the work and designs they have completed for other homeowners. You will want a builder who has a proven track record of building homes similar to your design ideas. A single project in any given design may indicate that the builder prefers to stick to a particular style.

Reference Check

References are a very important request when it comes to hiring a reliable builder. Builders who are either reluctant to provide references, or unable to be located online when you conduct a search are best avoided. It is also recommended that you also check the Service New South Wales website to confirm if a builder is registered.

Glowing Recommendations

References are a great help but there is nothing better than getting the truth straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Go ahead and get in contact with previous clients. People are usually happy to share their experiences – especially when it comes to building work. They will tell you everything you want to know about perspective builders, both good and bad.

Cost Considerations

By this stage you should have eliminated much of the competition and are ready to discuss costs with the builders on your shortlist. You need to know what is included in the build. This is important as many features such as floor coverings and landscaping may not make the cut. Knowing what is included in the build will give you a better idea of your expected overall costs.

The Timeframe

Do you have a timeframe fixed in your mind? You can forget about that for now because achieving your goals wholly relies on your builder’s ability to deliver. It is important to seek accuracy from your shortlisted builders in respect to your timeframe. How long the project will take and a confirmed start date is essential.
Remember that every hour wasted has the potential to cost you money. You may be paying rent or a mortgage to stay somewhere while a new build is underway. If the builder you want is not able to meet your timeframe, you have to think carefully about the impact on your budget. Reputable builders typically aren’t sitting around waiting for work, so make sure you go with someone who is either just finished a project or very near the end of one.

Do You Gel?

Treat your shortlisted builders like you are interviewing for a candidate with whom you will have a close working relationship – because that is exactly what you want. How you gel with your builder can have a considerable impact on the quality of work he carries out. A good relationship is also important in ensuring that there is open and honest conversation between the two of you.
Getting to meet the builders who will actually work on your project is preferable. The site manager is who you will likely discuss any issues with, so finding out whether there is rapport between the two of you is a good idea.