If you are thinking of changing your floors, the good news is there are plenty of choices. The problem is, knowing whether those choices are suitable for your needs. From bamboo to laminate, wood to vinyl, you will have your work cut out when choosing the right flooring for your New South Wales home.

First things first: Always consult with professionals when shopping for new floors. This is a renovation that is both aesthetic and practical in nature. For instance, you wouldn’t install a porous floor in a wet room. Picking the brains of professionals will help you make informed choices.

Vinyl Flooring

Lino is still very much in fashion and provides an affordable and durable flooring option that is suitable for most rooms. Vinyl flooring stands up well in high traffic areas, it’s water resistant and provides a comfortable surface for bare feet. You can purchase vinyl flooring for around $34 per square metre as a starting price. You will need to also factor installation into your costs. The downside of vinyl is that you cannot repair the flooring if it’s damaged.

Laminate Flooring

There are so many options in laminate flooring that you can get any look you desire. Wood effect is the most common choice and it’s much less expensive. Laminate flooring is easy to clean, although it is not a good idea for bathrooms and other wet rooms. You can purchase cheap laminate flooring for around $20 per square metre. If you are feeling DIY adventurous, laminate flooring is simple to self-install which will save you money.

Bamboo Flooring

One of the most durable and environmentally friendly flooring options, bamboo enhances any high-traffic area. If you have $72 per square metre in your budget, bamboo flooring can provide solutions for damp climates where using solid timber is not an option. As a renewable resource, bamboo flooring provides a natural and eco-friendly solution for flooring in hallways, living rooms and dining rooms.

Solid Timber

The king of flooring, solid timber remains the most desired material for homeowners in New South Wales. Planks of solid timber reinforce feelings of warmth and comfort. The production of solid timber planks has improved significantly in recent years, eliminating dangerous gaps between floorboards. You don’t really have to worry about maintenance with solid timber and cleaning your flooring will prove effortless. Do not install solid timber in humid climates or where there is a lot of moisture,

Multilayer Hybrid Flooring

Have you heard of multilayer hybrid flooring? Hybrid is the latest flooring innovation combining the best attributes of both laminate and vinyl. This is a popular flooring option that is suitable for every room in your home, including wet rooms. Design elements allow for all the practical and aesthetic features you want in a floor. Multilayer hybrid flooring is ideal for any climate in New South Wales, providing homeowners in humid areas with an answer to warped flooring problems.

Asking the Right Questions

There is a two-part question you should ask when shopping for flooring: Can I use it in this room; and, should I use it in this room? Think about the amount and type of traffic that each room or area has to handle. If you have young kids playing on the floor, installing flooring that is not hard-wearing is not a wise investment. Similarly, you don’t want to install flooring that is not waterproof in wet rooms.
It is also a good idea to determine how long flooring lasts and the durability level of the material. Flooring is expensive so take your time when comparing choices. You won’t regret opting for the most practical and aesthetically suitable material for the room. Professionals have all the knowledge you need to tap into as you shop around for your flooring.