Creative Ways to Organise Your Home

Creative Ways to Organise Your Home

If you are like a lot of other homeowners and never seem to have time to organize your home, Houspect has some suggestions for attractive ways to get back on top of your game.

Spring Reorganizing

Spring cleaning is great for getting your home in order but it’s important to make sure you also reorganize. Clean up any cluttered areas and, where possible, hide them away in creative ways. For instance, you can use a spring-loaded curtain rod to hang curtains over your cluttered bookshelf.

Plastic boxes are a great way to store small items and eliminate obvious clutter. You can buy these boxes in most major home stores. When cleaning, it helps to make a list so that each task is organized in order of importance. However, don’t get into the habit of dumping clutter in storage closets. Work from the top down and get rid of any clutter you don’t need.

Create order in your home by allocating spaces for items that are usually just dropped in the nearest hidden spot. Labelling can help the entire family become regimented. While that may sound a little extreme, once everyone becomes accustomed to putting everything in its place it will become second nature.

In the kitchen and bathroom, clean as you go. If you leave out the smaller tasks to concentrate on the main task you will likely forget to clean up by the time you are done. If you clean as you go it makes the job much easier and ensures that you leave the kitchen or bathroom as you found it – clean.

Sorting Bills

Mail can accumulate quickly if you do not attend to it immediately. Every home should include a shredder that is close to the front door or the place where you are most likely to read your mail. Set up folders with plastic wallets to file any important mail and shred all the junk. You can also go paperless by investing in a scanner and saving important mail to your computer. However, some documents should be retained if the original is needed for official purposes.

It’s best when possible to always pay your bills immediately so that you know exactly what you are working with in your budget. You will find that your finances are more organised when you immediately pay bills so that you only have disposable income left in your account.

Change your Mindset

Your mindset and attitude plays a major role in how you approach organisation. How much stuff do you really need? Learning to let go of clutter in every aspect of life will help you become more organised and spring cleaning won’t seem like such an insurmountable task.

When you travel, get into the habit of travelling light. Take as little with you as possible so that you have less to organise, less to put away when you return and, by extension, less stress in your life. Think about how you approach everyday tasks and make adjustments that follow a logical train of thought. This goes back to organising your items with labels and getting into a way of thinking that everything is returned to its original state when you clean or carry out household tasks.

Another way to organise your home is by changing the structure or adding to the property. Renovations do take time and cause disruptions but the end result is a home that is more reflective of your needs. Houspect can provide professional building inspection and reports in New South Wales. Call today to learn more.