Dealing With Mould in the Home

Dealing With Mould in the Home

Did you realize that mould found in the home is dangerous and in extreme cases it can call serious illness and death? Mould can cause respiratory problems and other illness without the victims even knowing that there was a problem.

Mould is caused by:
  • Rising damp in the home
  • Poor drainage around the property
  • Lack of ventilation and especially in winter when windows are not open
  • Lack of ventilation in the bathroom

Causes of dampness can be:
  • Gardens with ponding waters around the house
  • Draining problems
  • Raising damp in the house
  • Inferior ventilation in the subfloor
  • Damage to pipes and guttering

One very serious issue that can be caused by mould is it can cause mycotoxins or ‘toxic mould’. Only a qualified expert should remove these types of moulds.

When cleaning mould from the home, be careful that you don’t breathe in the spores. This is why only a qualified inspector specialising in mould should assess the situation and recommend a solution.

If members of the household have respiratory problems and mould is suspected then the problem needs to be resolved immediately. In the meantime temporarily house the patients somewhere else until the mould is removed.