DIY Renovation Ideas That Will Save You Money

DIY Renovation Ideas That Will Save You Money

DIY renovation is a tricky business. If you want to take on the challenge in your home, there are effective ways to save money. You just have to know how to balance what you can do with what you can’t or shouldn’t attempt on your own.

Know Your Renovation Limits

The first lesson of DIY renovations is accepting your limits. If you are reading up on renovation ideas that will save you money, it’s safe to assume you are not a master builder. There are certain jobs around the home that take skill and experience to complete on a budget.
Any major structural, electrical or plumbing work will require the skill-set of a professional. It is important to shop around for a professional who can do the work at a reasonable price. However, it is equally important to check said professional’s credentials and portfolio of work. Check reviews and ask for references so that you can do a thorough quality check.

DIY Party

You’ve heard of painting parties? Well, DIY parties takes the concept a step further by gathering friends and family to help with renovation projects. You have your simple jobs like painting, basic landscaping, assembling furniture etc. which pretty much anyone can complete with basic instruction.

It is also obviously a good idea to find out if your family and friends possess professional skills that will help with the trickier DIY projects. Remember, too, that these people are doing you a service by helping out. This is where the party part comes into play. Have a BBQ and drinks for your crew and make sure to pay the professionals a little extra for their time.

DIY Workshops

You don’t want to start DIY renovations without knowing what you are doing. There is very little margin for error when it comes to many DIY jobs. Get in touch with local hardware stores to find out if they put on workshops. Research the tools you will need and try to avoid compromising to save money. You may end up doing serious damage with ineffective tools, which may will cost more than it would have to get the right tools in the first place.

The internet is a great learning tool where you can find videos created by industry professionals. Speaking of professionals: Avoid self professed DIY experts who you cannot quality check. Stick to professionals with a website or business that is based in the construction industry.

Bargain Shopping

Unless you have an unlimited budget, shopping at auctions and looking for bargains online is a good idea. If you are dealing with industry suppliers, you can also bargain for trade prices, which is a common practice among sole traders.
Again, always make quality a consideration when you are dealing with suppliers face-to-face or online. Make sure that the materials you are purchasing are up to relevant standards and building codes.

Budget to Save

If you really want to make an investment out of your renovations, look into things like passive building design that can save you on your energy bills. Technology is also driving a lot of the design elements in modern construction so familiarize yourself with devices that will save you over the long-term.
Some examples of long term saving items and materials include rainwater tanks, high quality insulation and; if they are worth the investment, solar panels. It helps to speak to builders about long-term saving strategies to get an idea for the direction the industry is moving.

Quality Building Inspection

With any renovation project you will want quality building inspections carried out. Houspect provides excellence in services in South Australia so call today to find out how we can help you save.