Get Your House Organised this Spring

Get Your House Organised this Spring

Do you find it difficult to get your house organised for the spring? It’s hard to decide where to start when there is so much to do. However, with a well thought out and executed plan you will find that organising for spring is more of a sprint than a marathon. The problem for most homeowners is that, as humans, we have a tendency to put barriers in our own path to success.
If your home is essentially working against you, staying organised will remain an unachievable goal. You have to set the rules and put in the effort to follow them. The good news is, doing so, will actually make getting your house organised for spring less stressful than just going into the project like a bull in a China shop.

Checklist & Routine

Organisation means knowing what you need to do and working through each task in order of priority. Most people do not have an infallible memory so it makes sense to create a checklist to keep you on track. Even with the best laid plans, life can get in the way. Forming positive habits such as establishing routines and following them diligently will eventually stick and make organising for spring a breeze.
As part of establishing routines it is important to include new habits that will help you get your house organised. Think about the tasks you often forget and create habits around them. A good example of this is making the bed when you get up or designating storage areas and getting into the habit of replacing items after use. These small habits will help you keep your home organised throughout the year.

Take Time to Declutter

Clutter is the bane of an organised mind. If your storage areas and niches are packed with household items that are no longer of use, it is time to have a clear out. Working through clutter can be very therapeutic and it will give you the chance to clear out and make space. When you are decluttering, make sure to work from the top of your house to the bottom. This is the most efficient method of clearing out clutter and cleaning, allowing you to significantly cut down the time it takes to complete each task.
When you declutter you have less to clean and can begin to organise all the items that matter. You don’t have to tackle your entire house at once, tackle one corner or storage closet at a time. Once you have created storage space you can start organising household items and personal belongings. Establish zones for specific items and making sure the entire household understands that the new rules include everyone getting into the habit of putting things away.

Act Now!

People who are organised do not put off getting started or maintaining the plan. Before your brain can formulate the next excuse for why you don’t have time to start organising, get on your feet and get stuck in. The impossible task will never relent in your mind so the only option is to override it with immediate action.
When you have a goal in mind such as getting your home organised for spring, it can help provide an incentive to start on the first of many tasks ahead. Combining all your new organisational skills you will have your home in shipshape and functioning order well before the first blooms of spring.
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