Governments happy to undermine building inspection standards

Governments happy to undermine building inspection standards

For many years it was a standard practice that pre purchase building inspections were conducted in accordance with the Australian Standard AS4349.1 This standard required people conducting building inspections to be either architects, engineers or registered builders.

This meant that every aspect of a real estate transaction was handled by a registered professional, trained and experienced in their particular field.

Unfortunately whilst the standard is still in place, the wording of certain aspects in the Australian Standard has been changed. This has allowed individuals with no building experience and just six weeks training to conduct building inspections.

Houspect building inspectors are all experienced licensed builders, who frequently find problems with the structural integrity of a home, that only the experienced and highly trained eye would identify.

There have been calls for all building inspectors to be licensed with a minimum qualification of being a registered builder .
If this standadised approach was to be enacted across Australia it would ensure, to a large degree, a more consistent approach to the findings and outcomes of an inspection, improve buyer confidence, and make Australian houses safer to live in.

Unfortunately the powers that be at this time Government, and established authorities and various don't agree with this commonsense approach.
So, until we can get a standardised system in place it would be a very good idea that next time you are in need of a building inspection to check that the inspector is experienced and most importantly registered as a builder.

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