Landscaping: Ways to stick to your budget

Landscaping: Ways to stick to your budget

A budget should never be a haphazard. When you create a budget the first thing you need to keep in mind is that it should be itemised and well organised. Having everything in a list is great but it’s no use to you if you can’t use that list to easily track your costs.

Planning a Landscaping Budget

Whether you enjoy the process of creating a landscaping budget or not will largely come down to organisation. The idea is to make a list of the items and costs for each project so that your budget sheet is organised in such a way that you can easily monitor the progress of one or more projects at a time.
Projects may include things like lawn servicing, irrigation systems, installing a water feature, building a patio or installing new fencing. You can create a folder for your projects so everything is in one place. It is also important to leave room for amendments and additions to each project’s budget.

Prioritising your Landscaping Projects

Homeowners who love landscaping will likely make a list for every conceivable project – and that’s perfectly fine. However, you may not have the budget to cover everything you want. Prioritising which projects you would like to work on will allow you to better work out your budget and what you can afford. Look at which areas would improve your landscape and make you happier with your home and try to work on those first.
The next important step is recording who will be doing what in each of your landscaping projects. If you are going it alone, try not to understate the time the work will take. Do what you can but defer what you can’t do to the professionals.

Professional Landscapers

Take your time when hiring professional landscapers. With your plan in mind, arrange meetings where you can go through each project in detail. The information and drawings that the landscaper provides should be attached to your budget list for reference. It may also help to add notes to your list so you can closely monitor the project and confirm costs.

Keep track of all expenses, regardless of whether you hire professionals or not. You can either track your expenses on paper in an organised folder or use a spreadsheet if you are confident in the use of software such as Microsoft Excel. If you are hiring professionals, make sure that you are provided with a detailed quote listing material costs, expenses, and tool rentals. You are also entitled to receive a change order if any costs are changed, which both you and your landscaper should sign.

Keep your paper trail up-to-date and accurate at all times. Avoid waiting to sign-off on costs as you may not have any comeback if you forget and the landscaper subsequently disputes the agreed costs. For major structural landscaping projects, you may require the services of a building inspection company. For all your building inspection needs, reach out to Houspect in New South Wales on 1300259789.