4th September, 2013
From the 29th October 2013, Swimming pool owners are required to register their swimming pools on an online register provided by the NSW State Government.

Swimming Pool owners need to report, that to the best of their knowledge, their swimming pool complies with the applicable standard when registering their pool. Penalties for owners who fail to register their pool will receive a penalty notice of $220.

This is a big responsibility for pool owners and many may not know if their pool is compliant. To help NSW pool owners, Howard Ryan, who has been protecting property owners for over 40 years, has committed to the “H&K Ryan check your pool fence day”.

Mr Ryan will answer questions from NSW pool owners regarding their pool fence free of charge on the 1st October, 2013. Pool owners can submit their question via email and a photograph of the pool fence in question.

Example questions swimming pool owners may need to think about are: What is the minimum height of the pool fence? What is the boundary barrier? How close can trees be to the pool fence? What is a foothold? Do I really need a CPR chart? Can I leave my pool fence gate open? Who can fix my self-latching sliding door? Plus any other concerns regarding pool fence regulations.
Pool owners can contact Howard via to submit their question.
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