Pergola Options Adding Some Style to an Open Space

Pergola Options Adding Some Style to an Open Space

Pergolas are large structures that can really enhance your outside spaces. As far as architecture is concerned, pergolas are usually much more impressive than other outside structures such as arbors. The structure typically includes columns that support a roof with open spaces on at least three sides.
A pergola can act as a standalone structure or as an attachment to a building. The traditional architectural style of pergolas draws inspiration from the Italian Renaissance. With that said, modern pergola design does not necessarily adhere to traditional standards.

Pergola Applications

There are two basic concepts when it comes to where pergolas are installed. Attaching a pergola to your home essentially extends your available living space to the outside of your home. It is a very effective way of providing shade for outside living and adding a touch of style to your landscape.
Alternatively, pergolas can be installed as a standalone structure to create a separate outdoor living space in your garden. This option is ideal for entertaining guests in your garden, or as a space to relax in the shade during the hotter New South Wales months.

Pergolas and Vines

For a cleaner, more modern look, you may want to keep adornments to the minimum. However, if you prefer to live on the wild side of life, you might want to consider adorning your pergola with decorate vines.
We recommend vigorous vines that will last the course. Some of the best vines for pergolas include the Virginia creeper, Wisteria, Dutchman’s pipe, Bougainvillea and Climbing hydrangea. If your pergola does not have a roof, you may want to invest in a retractable canopy to give you the option of shade when the sun is at its strongest.

Stylish Applications

Of course, there are plenty of other pergola options for adding style to your open spaces. Integrating pergolas with your overall landscape design is a good place to start. You can also make seemingly impossible design ideas a reality with the addition of a pergola.

If you have ever wanted a secret garden, but cannot justify the cost a complicated design and installation, a pergola may be the answer you are looking for. You can use a pergola as an entryway to a secret garden, with hedges running along either end of the structure. You can also add hedges between columns on one or more sides to create a mini garden maze.
Pergolas are also a great way to add definition to landscape walkways. If you have a large landscape, a pergola enclosed walkway will create a sense of continuity in your open space. You also have the option of adding vines or other decorative flowers to create stunning effects.

If you have a raised deck or are planning on having one installed, a pergola can serve as the perfect accompaniment to the structure. Your deck will feel more like an outdoor living space with the addition of a pergola. A pergola that provides protection from the more extreme weather conditions in New South Wales will also allow you to enjoy sitting outdoors all year round.
Themed pergolas are becoming increasingly popular with New South Wales homeowners. You can have pergolas designed to match the theme of your landscape. Themes can draw from cultures from around the world. Popular themes include a taste of the orient, flavours of India, and the exciting world of the American Wild West. Alternatively you can create your own theme and impress your family and friends with your originality and stylistic flair.

To help inspire your creativity, we recommend using a search engine to discover pergola designs from all over the world. It is also important to choose a supplier or builder who is as enthusiastic about your vision as you are. You may have to pay a little more to make sure you get what you want, but the extra cost will be worth it when you see the end result.