Pool Maintenance in the Off Season

Pool Maintenance in the Off Season

If you are new to owning a pool or have had a bad experience in the past, it pays to know how to carry out proper maintenance on your pool in the off season. In South Australia when it’s time to for homeowners to forget about outdoor living until the summer, the pool is one area that you will want to keep clean and protected from damage.

Algae and bacteria are two of the main concerns during the off season, which pose a serious threat to a healthy pool. There are obvious savings you can make by shutting off your pumps over the autumn and winter months but that means creating an environment for dangerous pathogens. Rather than keeping maintenance and filtering equipment running on a permanent yearly cycle, you can keep your pool ticking over by taking sensible steps to maintain a balance.

Keeping your Pool Clean

Ensuring that your pool stays clean is perhaps the most important part of maintenance. There are areas of the pool, such as the corners, that provide the ideal home for algae. Routinely cleaning grout work will help prevent algae from building up in the pool. An algaecide or algaestat is ideal to use over winter when you know you won’t be taking a dip in the pool.
Your filters only work because of a reliance on the water cycle that occurs when all your maintenance systems are working together. When everything is shut down for prolonged periods of time during the colder months you will have to conduct some manual maintenance. Cleaning debris from filters is absolutely essential in preventing damage to the system.
When the filter is not running it doesn’t take long for the water in a pool to become stagnant. To help protect your pool you should apply silicone lubricant to your o-rings, keep your skimmer baskets clean, free of debris and make sure to run your filters periodically throughout the off season to refresh the environment in the pool.

Equipment Maintenance

Any piece of complex equipment that is part of a larger system requires maintenance when not in use. You will need to regularly maintain working and moving parts to ensure that they do not seize up during winter. If you have never carried out maintenance of motors, filters and other pool equipment make sure to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
“Shock closing” is a method that is used to keep pools clean when they are not in use over a long period of time. Chlorine is usually added in a solution of 2lb per 10,000 gallons of water. You should never use chlorine in combination with an algaeside. It is also important to check that chlorine levels are sitting around 5ppm or lower before using the pool.

Kids & Pets

During the summer you wouldn’t allow your kids or pets near the pool unsupervised, so make sure to remain vigilant during the off season. All swimming pools or spa pools must have a continuous safety barrier maintained by the pool owner that restricts access by children to the pool. All gates must be fitted with a latching device, out of reach of small children, at least 1.5m above ground level. A suitable covering that is secure is a must in case kids or pets manage to venture into the pool area. Make sure you remind your kids about pool safety in the off season.

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