Pre Final Inspection

Pre Final Inspection

New Home Pre Final Inspection

After hundreds of pre final inspections and finding thousands of defects, many of them serious, I cannot stress more the need for a professional inspection before you hand over your money. Do not assume you are adequately protected by laws and regulations. You are not! This is Building Act 1993:

(2) A certificate of final inspection is not evidence that the work concerned complies with this Act or the regulations.

What does it mean? Simply that buildings that do not comply are passed. You are on your own.

You should have pre final inspection about 1-2 weeks before actual anticipated handover. That is to allow sufficient time for builder to rectify any defects or else your handover may be delayed.

Our Pre final inspection covers following :
  1. Incomplete building works
  2. Defective work
  3. Quality check
  4. Compliance check
  5. Conformity with contract
  6. Thermal imaging scan

The report will detail:
Inspection findings:
List of significant issues(if any)
Recommendations (for builder's attention)

1 Explanation of significant issues (if any)
2 Expert advice how to deal with significant condition issues

You will get verbal advice on the day of inspection and written reports generally emailed within 48 hrs (depending whether defects require further research)

Building stage inspection reports are based on AS4349.0

We are experts in the latest inspection technology including thermal imaging camera for detection of invisible defects: insulation gaps, fresh roof leaks, leak in wet areas or the like.

All reports are prepared on a format from our professional indemnity insurer Rapid Solutions Pty.Ltd. All inspections are by: qualified, accredited and insured property inspector with experience of over 5000 home inspections.

For examples of types of defects we find you can visit the blog on

To arrange inspection booking in Melbourne Metropolitan area call 9742 6121