Pre Purchase Inspection - Protect your Investment - Protect Your Family

Pre Purchase Inspection - Protect your Investment - Protect Your Family

Buying a home is risky and not just financially. Here is why:

Most common building condition problems
  1. Illegal construction/alterations
  2. Failure to comply with regulations
  3. Structural problems/foundation problems
  4. Roof leaks
  5. Plumbing leaks
  6. Rising dampness
  7. Ventilation
  8. Dilapidation of building elements
  9. Defective insulation
  10. Defective drainage
  11. Termite infestation/damage
  12. Rot in timbers and other timber pests(borers)
  13. Mould
Most common safety problems:
  1. Asbestos
  2. Illegal wiring
  3. Smoke detectors
  4. Defective swimming pool enclosures
  5. Tripping risks
  6. Chemical/pesticide contamination

You should get Building Expert to inspect your home before you buy. Why?
Because there are too many risks! Buying a home could cost you lot more than just money! It could cost you your health, your life or child's life or your peace of mind and also because:

Your average property inspector is not qualified enough or he may not have the latest detection technology. Did you know that many property inspectors are just pretenders. Many don't have relevant education, no experience, no equipment, no insurance, no thermal imaging "just a tradie" You will pay as much for half a job. Mission statement is no substitute for expertise.

This is what we provide: Combined Building and Timber Pest Inspection Report , exceeding Australian Standards for your peace of mind

It is highly recommended that you get this report before making decision to buy property. As you can see in diagram below there is a lot to look at and a lot to know.

Building Pre Purchase & Timber Pest Report

This is the biggest investment of your life and you must get expert opinion. You may want to renovate, alter, extend or add. What will you face? It's easy ASK BUILDING EXPERT!

Thermal Imaging Scan

With free thermal imaging scan that could (under right conditions) find invisible defects or pests you can be assured of absolutely the best Building and Timber Pest Inspection.

Our reports are the best because they are backed up by true building expert advice. It is essential for practical and for cost effective solution to your needs. Plus we add recommendations for repair and maintenance.

For the best building inspection and advice call 03 9742 6121