Regularly Forgotten and Unknown Things Before a New Build

Regularly Forgotten and Unknown Things Before a New Build

You’re building a house: this is your opportunity to make one of the greatest investments of your life, whether you intend on retiring in your new home or eventually selling at a profit. It is often said that it’s the little things that matter. When that principle is applied to the property market, all those little things add up to a highly desirable home.

Storage Space

Every home needs storage space, of course. The secret to success, however, is custom storage space to fit every need. Homeowners want practicality in how they can arrange clothes and other household items. A mix of double and single hung rod space is ideal for every bedroom. Pantry and cleaning storage is also a major selling point for potential buyers. Look around your current home at all the items that don’t have their own space and consider whether you can incorporate a storage solution in your build.

The Bathroom in a New Build

Vanity cabinets with nearby electrical outlets are essential for a functional bathroom. If you really want to go above and beyond, consider having towel heating racks installed. There is also usually plenty of room between studded walls for extra storage if you need it. Finally, to save yourself the stress of dealing with an undetected leak in your toilet, make sure to instruct the builder not to caulk tight to the bottom of the toilet.

Outdoor Extravagance

There are plenty of extravagant additions that the majority of NSW homeowners would love to make to the exterior of their homes. The problem is, most of them require some degree of renovation which is often too costly to justify. When you are building a new property you have the option of incorporating your ideas in the construction plans. Outdoor electrical outlets, mounted speakers, water outlets, and motion triggered lights – the possibilities are endless.

Kitchen Practicality

A kitchen needs to provide practicality for the people who are likely to spend the most time cooking or washing up. Wherever possible, make sure that kitchen appliances are recessed. The last thing you want is your refrigerator and cooker taking up all the floor space in the room. Custom storage in the kitchen is a must for effective functionality. You may want to invest in hiring a custom kitchen designer for your cabinets in your new build . You can provide all the details of what you want and the designer will make your dream a reality.

Electrical & Plumbing

Make a list of all the electrical appliances you are likely to need and where you plan on using them. Regardless of whether you are including a security system in the build, make sure the property is pre-wired for one to save you any installation hassles down the road. The same goes for technological devices such as phone and laptop docks. New tech comes onto the market every 6 months on average, so adapting your home is a great investment. Under-floor heating is a highly sought after home improvement. It’s worth seriously considering adding this type of heating to improve the insulation of the property.

Lighting & Windows

Natural light is preferable to using a lot of electricity for illumination. Take advantage of orientation to brighten up living spaces with large windows and skylights. Energy Star Rated windows, including those in your doors and skylights are much more energy efficient and will save you money on your monthly utility bills. Make sure that all light fittings are positioned in such a way that they provide optimum illumination in each room.

There are so many ideas that are easily incorporated into a new build. Do not be afraid to discuss with your builder any features that you want to include in the property before construction begins. This is your project, so get out there and make it happen.

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