Renovating or Extending Your Home? Think About Obtaining a Dilapidation Report

Renovating or Extending Your Home? Think About Obtaining a Dilapidation Report

Before you even begin renovating or extending your home, it’s a good idea to consult with your neighbours and discuss having a dilapidation report carried out on your properties. This type of inspection benefits all parties, considering the potential damage that can arise from construction work to your neighbours as well as council property.

Bad Vibrations

Vibrations from construction work can impact on the structure of a home in areas such as the foundations or supporting walls. Hiring a reputable building company can help alleviate the stress imposed on your neighbours but there is more you can do to prevent unnecessary issues from arising.
A dilapidation report will provide you with data and photographic evidence on the current state of the adjoining properties and council assets such as footpaths and gutters before construction work begins and then again post works being completed.

Soil Removal

Does your project require the removal of soil? Even if the nearest neighbouring property is quite far away, removing a large amount of soil can cause issues. There is the potential to upset root systems, foundations or simply weakening the natural stability of the land. Without a thorough dilapidation report there is just no way of knowing how much building work will affect other properties.
It is important for you, as a homeowner, to protect your investment by ensuring that all relevant inspections are carried out. A dilapidation report is one of the best ways to safeguard both you and your neighbours against issues stemming from soil being disturbed during major building work.

Existing Damage

Most importantly, a dilapidation report details damage that already exists to a property, as well as providing indicators of potential damage from construction work. If there are already cracks in the walls of neighbouring properties the inspection can give your builder key insights on how to proceed with construction. Steps can then be taken to reduce the likelihood of structural failure in major structures as the result of building work.

Having a dilapidation report that details existing damage is also useful when it comes to litigation. A neighbouring homeowner will have a hard time proving that your project caused damaged to their home when a detailed report from an expert building inspector suggests the damage already existed. At Houspect we understand that having a harmonious relationship with your neighbours is essential, which is why we encourage all our clients to have a dilapidation report carried out before embarking on any building work.

If you are considering renovations or extending your home, consult the experts in Dilapidation Inspections and call Houspect on 1300 258 789 to help you stay on the good side of your neighbours.