Simple Water Conservation Tips

Simple Water Conservation Tips

Conserving water in New South Wales is a challenge for homeowners – especially during a drought. We use water in so many daily activities and chores that it’s often easy to forget that, as a resource, it is not always readily available. However, there are ways that you can conserve water; many of which won’t cost you a dollar. By following these simple water conservation tips, you will save gallons of water every day.

Inside Water Conservation

How many times a week do you run your washing machine or dishwasher when only half full? These appliances use a considerable amount of water. Washing machines on the higher end of performance may use up to 30 gallons of water and a dishwasher with similar specs will use around 4 gallons of water. Always run your appliances with full loads to reduce the amount of water consumed.

If you are hand washing dishes, prefill basins rather than letting the water to run. You use at least 1 gallon of water if the faucet is continuously running unless you have an aerator installed. Use 1 basin for washing and another for rinsing. This will greatly reduce waste. If you have a garbage disposal, perhaps cut down on usage or switch to a natural alternative such as a compost heap.
The shower is another area that you can save water. You can install a low-flow shower head and reduce your shower time. Don’t let your bathroom faucets run when carrying out grooming tasks or brushing your teeth.

Outdoors Water Conservation

Evaporation and wind are the enemies of watering the garden. Reserve these tasks to the morning and even when the sun sets. Don’t allow your sprinklers to water anything other than your lawn and plants. You can also deep water your lawn, which will allow you to reduce the number of times that you water your lawn down to as few as one a week. If you want to help your plants and trees fully benefit from watering, place mulch around the base to reduce evaporation.
It’s nice to have exotic plants as part of your landscape but they often need more water. Stick to planting species which are suited to the climate and will hold up well in a drought. Using a hose to wash down your deck, driveways and other walkways is a serious waste of water. A broom will take a little more elbow grease but you will significantly reduce water waste while achieving the same results.

You do not need a hose to clean your vehicles, either. Using a bucket and sponge will conserve much more water. This is another task that is better performed when the sun is not at its strongest. You want the vehicle to stay wet long enough to rinse off the suds and avoid streaking.

Plumbing Health Check

It is also important to have reliable plumbing that will help ensure that water is not being wasted. You can check if you have leaks by carrying out a simple evaluation of your water meter. Turn off any systems that use water and check your water meter. Avoid using water for the next 2 hours before checking the meter once more. If it has moved, there is a good chance that there are leaks somewhere in the plumbing system. Contact a plumber to investigate any issues.
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