Soak it all up - Downpipes!

Soak it all up - Downpipes!

One of the most common items that I find on many inspections is the lack of rainwater control. It is one of the most underestimated issues which can potentially cause substantial structural and maintenance issues. At the same time it is one of easiest and low cost items to remedy.

Water pooling adjacent to the home through discharging down pipes is a key cause of many foundation problems. This water is a concern for two main reasons:

  1. In reactive soils this water can cause swelling and consequent shrinking of the foundations resulting in excessive structural movement and potential cracking. Even in sandy soils the water can accelerate soil erosion causing differential settlement of the foundations.
  2. Termites just love moist and damp conditions. So this moisture creates an ideal environment to attract and encourage termites to come an play.

How is this sorted out? Two simple solutions:

  1. Through the installation of a soak well placed at least 3 metres away from the house to capture water discharge from the downpipes.
  2. Alternatively, where possible, simply divert water at least 3 metres away from the house using buried PVC pipe.

Both simple and costs effective solutions.