Some common questions we get asked - Part 2 of 3

Some common questions we get asked - Part 2 of 3

What does a house inspection cost?

Safehome Inspection's fees are competitive with other inspection companies in Melbourne and we encourage you to call us as our fees vary on the size and location of the home.

All homes are different in size and location. Some homes will be easy to inspect, for example, a house with a skillion roof and constructed on a slab footing or a recently built house. Our building inspection fees would be less n these circumstances. Most building and pest inspection fees will vary from $300.00 to $650.00 and we encourage you to contact us so we can give you an accurate quote.

Why Safehome Inspections?
  • You will work alongside a qualified and experienced building inspector who has the experience to locate defects and the knowledge to know how serious they are and how to rectify them. We have been doing this since 2004.
  • Your own Safehome building inspector will be available to help you through the process up until 10.30 p.m. week nights while our competitors are in bed. This we guarantee or we will halve the fee. You will even have his personal mobile phone number to contact him whenever you like.
  • We use advanced & expensive termite equipment to locate defects and termites.
  • We get the report to you on the day of the building inspection (the others send it the next day).
  • Safehome inspection reports range from 40-70 pages and have been voted the best in this industry (we have noticed other companies trying to copy it).
  • We do not outsource the house inspection for others to carry out – the two Safehome Inspections Directors do the inspections for you, complete your inspection report, add the photographs.
  • The Safehome Inspector will annoy you (or you will annoy us) until you understand the findings – this is what you have paid us for. (our competitors send the report and go missing)
What does Safehome Inspections actually inspect?
We inspect for the following –
  • We inspect Major structural defects like wall cracking, stump decay or potential underpinning works.
  • We inspect for Major defects or defects that are likely to cause further problems if not fixed, like rising damp or leaking plumbing under the home, roof leaking and roof tile cracks.
  • We inspect for Minor Defects and Maintenance issues like blocked gutters, paint deterioration, down pipe rust, rot in timber.
  • We look at Safety Hazards, like balcony or decking frame rot, loose wiring under the home, large dead tree branches, poor clearances between insulation and down light fittings.
  • Termite infestation, previous termite damage, conducive areas for termites to thrive that you need to rectify to keep them away.
Areas we inspect thoroughly are – the land around the home, trees too close to home, the garages and sheds, the boundary fences and gates, the site drainage, wall cracks, the external taps, weather board rot, the eaves, fascia rot, rising damp on walls, the stump footings, the floor and roof joists, the floor bearers, the down pipes, any dampness or plumbing leaks in the sub floor, the weep holes and vents, external and internal doors/windows for binding, the chimney, the gutters/roof tiles, the roof flashing, etc.

Inside the home we check your walls, windows, ceilings, doors, flooring levels, floor coverings, safety switch, type of electrical wiring, the roof frame, your insulation, the toilets, showers and baths, the sinks, the taps and the exhaust fans. Our reports have over 300 potential defects that we need to check.