Unexpected Build Costs

Unexpected Build Costs

What are your expectations of your new build? Do you think that you will get along with your builder? Are you expecting that life will soon settle down according to the build schedule? Perhaps you are confident that all you’ve crossed all the Ts and dotted all the Is. However, one of the major issues with new builds is always hidden charges. If you are one of the homeowners who gets away with building costs that fall within budget, you’re one of a select few.

The following is just a short list of the type of unexpected charges you may face, depending on the block and builder that you choose. It would take an entire website solely dedicated to hidden costs in order to paint the potential extra costs.

Soil & Contour

Did you know that your soil needs to be tested to analyse whether the block is viable, as is, for building? This is a cost that you have to account for and then you have to think of additional costs when soil doesn’t make the grade. Next, comes a contour test. The slope of a property will hugely impact on various costs. A builder will also need to adjust plans if the contour doesn’t match your design ideas.

Onsite Costs

It’s not just the soil and contour tests that can have huge implications for a build. Issues such as access and tree removal are just two of the challenges that may result in extra costs. It is important to speak to your builder about any potential costs so that you don’t get any surprises. Better still, get estimates for the area and slope before you commit to a project that could stretch your budget.

Flooring Costs

A lot of homeowners go into a project assuming that flooring is included in the price, but did you double check that internal floor finishes are included in the contract? If they aren’t that leaves you with the added cost of installing flooring throughout an entire property when you are likely already struggling to keep the purse strings firmly tightened.


A driveway is an essential part of the build, right? Not quite. For some builders, anything outside is not included in costing. You can ask for these features but the key word here is “extras,” which is going to result in additional costs. Now, the good news is that there are cost conscious driveway options if you want to hold off until your bank balance is healthier. This is a good option for first time buyers or anyone dealing with budgeting constrictions.


Landscaping is a fundamental feature of any property – but that doesn’t mean it is included in the standard building costs. In fact, some builders do not include landscaping at all. What you can do is seed the soil yourself and create a DIY landscape over time. Or, wait until you get the itch for another project and bring in an independent contractor.


There are a couple of issues surrounding interest repayments. Many loan companies have interest stipulations surrounding when the loan is repaid. If the project isn’t completed in time, there may be costly implications. Other issues to consider include paying a mortgage on the property while also paying rent. These costs will add up over time, so it’s important not to overlook them.