Value of Pre-Purchase Building and Termite Inspections

Value of Pre-Purchase Building and Termite Inspections

Buying a home is a major investment - probably the largest single investment many people will make. So it’s essential to know what you are buying.

Buying a home without first having it inspected for structural integrity and for termites runs the risk that the asset may have major faults or damage which are not readily apparent and which can lead to a rapid deterioration in value and possible safety issues for the residents.

State governments require Building Inspectors and Pest Inspectors to be licensed so it’s very important to select an inspector who is fully licensed, experienced and also one who carries full liability and professional indemnity insurance. There are many unlicensed “backyard” operators around – builders who’ve decided to do a few inspections “on the side”, poorly trained and inexperienced termite inspectors and some who’ve had no training at all. Others have allowed their insurance to lapse.

So always satisfy yourself that your Inspectors are licensed and insured – and ask to see their credentials if in doubt.

A professional Building Inspector will check your prospective home from top to bottom – the site, the sub floor, the exterior, inside the house, the roof void and the roof itself. He will observe the Australian Standard 4349 for visual residential building and pest inspections and present you with detailed written reports. We encourage our clients to be present if possible during inspections so that they can observe the thoroughness of the inspection and to provide the opportunity to sit down on site and discuss the property once we’ve completed the job. This makes it much easier for clients to fully understand the detailed written reports and to obtain a real understanding of the property they are buying.

Pre-Sale Inspections

Many people preparing to sell their homes have a pre-sale Building and Pest Inspections undertaken. This enables them to rectify matters requiring attention and to better present their home to the market. It assists in a smoother sale process with the “nasty surprises” removed. Sellers who are auctioning their homes also find it extremely useful and a good selling tool to have current building and pest inspection reports available to prospective bidders before and on the day of auction.