Versatility of a Mud Room

Versatility of a Mud Room

Has the idea of building a mudroom being playing on your mind? Mudrooms are typically used as an additional entry way to the home where backpacks, sports gear and other assorted items are stored away from the main property. However, for some homeowners, the mudroom doubles as a laundry or washroom. Adding a new mudroom or revamping the current space is an exciting project, so don’t be afraid to get imaginative when it comes to versatility, functionality, design and layout.

Mudroom Planning Basics

Designing a mudroom should involve careful consideration of the function and space you will need. Be realistic and don’t go overboard if you only required limited space for storage. If you have a family and require a more practical mudroom, it’s time to think about potential layouts that will be beneficial to everyone in the household.

A tidy, well organized design will inspire compliance to the rules of transition from the mudroom to your home. Shelving for sports equipment, with separate shelving and a desk for schoolwork will give your kids a place to escape to when they need to concentrate. Keep in mind that a practical mudroom may require the installation of heating if you wish to use it in the colder months. Don’t forget to factor in hooks for hanging coats and a place to temporarily store dirty laundry such as sports gear and swimsuits!
You want your mudroom to act as the guardian to your home, but you don’t want it to be an uncomfortable experience for members of your family. Install floors that are easily mopped clean and comfortable under bare feet. A tiled floor that is durable is ideal for your mudroom.

Versatile Mudroom Ideas

You can use your mudroom for practically any purpose you wish, so long as you can afford the cost of the project and have the space. Larger mudrooms can also act as a leisure space/playroom for the kids. If you need a more practical space, there are plenty of options perfectly suited to a mudroom.

Consider installing plumbing in your mudroom and making space for a washing machine, dryer, sink and storage. This way you can combine a practical workspace that keeps all the dirty jobs out of the way with an additional, functional living space.
For those who work at home, why not create an office away from the all the noise and interruption that comes with having a family? A secure mudroom can be transformed into an office oasis where you can work in peace and quiet. If you have the space, you can also install shelves and cabinets to keep your work organized and safe.

You may need to have building inspections carried out when constructing or redesigning a mudroom. Houspect can provide highly detailed reports that will help you identify any defects as you go through the stages of completing the project.