Wallpaper – Amazing Effects are Now Possible

Wallpaper – Amazing Effects are Now Possible

By the 21st of October, 2015, we were supposed to have hover boards, “Jaws 19,” and flying cars – according to the cult sequel, “Back to the Future II.” While the movie’s overly optimistic vision of the future never came to pass, there have been a number of amazing technological advances in recent years.

When new technologies come to the fore, it often opens up new possibilities for applications in multiple industries. The wallpaper industry, especially, has greatly benefited from technologies designed to bring breath taking visions to life.
Many of the effects that once involved large scale renovations are now easily achieved through the use of wallpaper. For homeowners, wallpaper is a much cheaper and convenient option as it is easily replaced when you get bored with the style in a room.

Stone Effect
One of the most popular trends in modern wallpaper is stone effect. You can completely change the look of a room with authentic stone effect wallpaper. To the casual observer the wallpaper looks just like a wall built from stone.
There are a number of variations on this theme. You can have a rock wall, brick, granite, or marble effect. The effect is so realistic that most people will not believe it is wallpaper until they actually touch the surface.

Stone effect wallpaper is ideal for transforming a room or creating a feature wall. Depending on the type of stone effect that you choose, you can add either a rustic or ultra-modern style to any room in your home. To truly appreciate the diversity in available styles, visit sites like Pinterest to see how stone effect wall paper is being used to revitalize boring decor.

3D Wallpaper
3D as a technology is finally producing the results that we have all been waiting for. While gaming enthusiasts are looking to virtual reality headsets for aesthetic pleasure, homeowners are taking advantage of what the technology has to offer by way of wallpaper.
The themes are possibilities are practically limitless when it comes to 3D wallpaper. Cartoon and gaming trends are especially popular in children’s rooms. Adults, on the other hand, tend to gravitate towards stunning visual art.

3D wallpaper is also a great way to create optical illusions in a room. You can use it to create the impression of a larger space, or wow friends and family with intricately detailed optical illusion artwork.

Custom Wallpaper
The technologies used to create these astonishing effects are fairly new in the wallpaper industry. However, we are already seeing an increase in homeowners designing their own wallpaper themes. As this trend continues you can expect to see the cost of custom wallpaper dropping.

Wallpaper printing is the technical term used in the industry. Rather than purchasing stock wallpaper, you provide the images that you want and the supplier prints the paper to your specifications.

The technology used to create custom wallpaper has become much more cost effective over the last few decades. Traditionally these companies catered to businesses. More and more companies are extending their services to homeowners, meaning competition is making custom wallpaper affordable.

Benefits for Homeowners
Besides the costs of major renovations to you, buyers may not like the decor and styles in your home. When you use wallpaper you can create the style that you want without affecting the resell value of your home.

You can easily remove wallpaper when you feel like a change. Drastic alterations to your home are much more costly, and if you want a new theme it will likely cost you more time and money. With the visual effects available from wallpaper you can easily cut down the time and cost of changing the decor in your home.