What Should A Building Inspection Report Tell Me?

What Should A Building Inspection Report Tell Me?

If you have a property in mind, that you really want to buy, it is important not to rush the process. You will want to gain insight into the condition of the property before agreeing to the purchase. A pre-purchase building inspection will give you all the information you need.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

As the name suggests, a pre-purchase building inspection is carried out before you agree to buy a property. The report is detailed and formatted in logical order so the buyer can easily understand the results of the inspection. Building defects, both minor and major, are included in a pre-purchase building inspection.

It is also worth noting that a building inspection report is not the same as a pest inspection report. In the course of carrying out an inspection, a qualified builder may report on evidence of pest activity in a property. Although this note does not confirm the presence of termites, the buyer should consider a separate pest inspection be carried out.

Knowing of existing defects before you agree to purchase a property can be a game changer. The listed defects strengthen your position in negotiations on price and can also inform potential buyers whether they should seek additional advice from relevant professionals such as a structural engineer.

Choosing a Building Inspector in New South Wales

At Houspect in New South Wales, all our building inspectors are qualified and experienced builders. The importance of hiring the right person to provide a report cannot be overstated. A qualified builder knows how to identify defects that a less experienced individual might miss.

A professional building inspection company will provide a report in an easily digestible format, which complies with relevant Australian Standards. Houspect has extensive industry experience and our building inspectors are always up-to-date with current New South Wales compliance.

Building Inspection Contents

Our building inspectors will use a format that is determined by factors including the age, size and type of property. The current condition is also important in identifying the type of report(s) will best suit the needs of the buyer. In most cases, a building inspection report will employ a standard checklist. However, in many instances, an individualised format is needed to ensure that the report is comprehensive.
Identifying major defects is obviously an important aspect of most building inspection reports. Similarly identifying serious structural issues will also be carried out on a best endeavour’s basis, but should the inspector detect problems with the structure the report will recommend further investigation by a suitable structural engineer.

Key areas for inspection will include the exterior and interior of the property. Provided there is access, the roof space, under-floor space, roof exterior and the surrounding site will also be included in the inspection. Additional areas for inspection may include checking smoke alarms and identifying if there are suitable working electrical safety switches.
You would usually find the following areas have been inspected:
  • Carport, garage and sheds
  • Laundry rooms and toilets
  • Steps, paths and driveways
  • Surface water drainage
  • Fencing
  • Small retaining walls
  • Stormwater run-off
The summary included with a Houspect Building Inspection report is of particular importance to potential buyers as it includes a comprehensive list of repairs and maintenance required to the property and allows the purchaser to more confidently discuss any defects with relevant individuals. Most importantly, a building inspection report will help you avoid any nasty surprises when you purchase a property. You may not identify any major issues during your own visual inspection but a qualified builder almost certainly will.
If you are in the process of purchasing a property in New South Wales, Houspect can provide advice and building inspection services. Call today to speak to an experienced professional.