Tips for Turning your Lounge Area into a 'State of the Art' Home Theatre

Tips for Turning your Lounge Area into a 'State of the Art' Home Theatre

With all of the latest advancements in entertainment products, dedicated home cinemas are becoming an important feature in many homes. But how do you recreate the cinema experience with surround sound in your lounge room without upsetting the rest of the household?

Builders and architects are increasingly recognising the need for acoustic solutions for home theatre. If homeowners are going to spend serious money on a home theatre system then they need to consider wall and ceiling linings to achieve the best results and quality of lifestyle.

CSR™ has launched a range of Sound Containment Packages that will allow homeowners to enjoy cinema-standard acoustic protection in the comfort of their own homes.

Having developed acoustic solutions for commercial cinemas for several years, CSR™ has been able to develop lightweight soundproofing options for homes. The systems are effective, practical and take up minimal space.

CSR’s Sound Containment Packages cater for every type of home, and minimise outside disturbances such as footsteps from another room, plumbing, car horns or barking dogs.

Homeowners can also feel comfortable about enjoying their home theatre whenever they want, without concerns that they’ll disturb the neighbours or sleeping children.

To eradicate noise pollution from your home theatre a range of unique Sound Containment Packages for the home have been developed by CSR™ Gyprock®, Bradford Insulation and CSR™ Hebel.

A big advantage of the range of CSR™ Sound Containment Packages is their versatility. Whether installing a home theatre in a new home or incorporating one in an existing room, a CSR™ Sound Containment Package can be specifically tailored to match the owner’s requirements.

So for anyone who has a home entertainment system complete with surround sound, you can now preview the full range of mind blowing effects without concerning yourself about the sound leaking into the next room, or worse yet, the next house!

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