How To Maximise Kitchen Space Utilisation - Part 1. Corner Cabinet / Swing-Out Trays

Soft Close Swing Out Trays
Truly amazing on form and function!

"... I'm amazed at the quality... the best investment I've made in my kitchen... I used to get down on my hands and knees searching for items stuffed in the dreaded lower dead corner and the magic corner unit has that problem solved. And as described, it is very easy to install."
Nicole - Bulleen, VIC
This unit is available in left opening and right opening options. This is a LEFT OPENING unit.
Turn the least accessible corner into a storage wonder with the Callisto corner unit. The unit delivers a simple and practical solution to your corner pain. Callisto is only corner unit that offers great design, space optimisation and maximum access.
Product Highlights
  • All stored contents swing out in front of the unit
  • Fluid, smooth and flawless swinging motion
  • Minimal force required for silky smooth movements
  • Each trays moves independently
  • 20kg payload each tray
  • Fully functional at 85° door opening angle
  • Soft close mechanism to protect your unit and items
Swing the contents out in front
The top and bottom trays pivot independently and travel completely out from the corner cabinet to bring contents to you. So you only need to pull out the tray with the items you need. As each tray moves independently, you only need to turn out the tray with contents you need to access. This also makes the storage of large and heavy items like mixers, blenders on the lower tray perfect ease.
Silky-smooth motion
Callisto blind corner shelf system features smooth operating and full swing and combines turning and swinging into one seamless motion. It hardly requires any effort to get the trays from the cabinet.
This unit is equipped with the soft close mechanism, which helps reduce impact from the movement and increases longevity of the product, stored contents and cabinet.
Design that delivers
Callisto corner unit is designed and engineered Germany to satisfy the pickiest customers. The designers incorporated kinematics in the design and use 4 pivot points to ensure the unit swinging flawlessly with perfect fluid sequence of movements. This structure also enables the unit to
The designers have studies over 100 families and how they use their blind corner cabinet when designing Callisto corner unit. The shelf contour ensures the shelf do not collide with cabinet or adjacent door and provides great space utilization and user friendliness.
Callisto corner unit functions fully and conveniently even when the front panels are opened to an angle of 85°. So the handles on adjacent cupboard do not cause an obstruction during opening. Even you do not have very much room to play with, the high-quality front panel remains protected at all times.
Sturdy unit with large capacity
Each Callisto patented non-slip tray can easily bear a weight up to 20kg. With an overall payload capacity of 40kg, the unit is practically impossible to overload.
Callisto corner unit is reinforced and uses solid support arms, which ensure the unit swivels smoothly even when fully loaded. The soft close mechanism was certified to perform up to 180,000 open and close cycles. You have a piece of mind that this unit will perform reliably for a good decade in your kitchen when correctly installed.
Easy to install and flexible
Callisto corner unit is very easy to assemble. With our complimentary drilling template, you are not likely to get the drillings wrong. The unit can be adjusted from 600mm to 700mm in height to suit cabinet of different sizes.
Specifications & Dimensions
arova callisto swing-out tray lazy susan carousel blind corner left opening unit specificationsCabinet Opening:LEFT Opening Application
Assembled Dimensions (mm)W:815 x D:400 H:(600-700)
Cabinet Internal Minimum (mm)W:860 x D:510 x H:610
Cabinet Width900mm
Minimum door width450mm
Load Capacityup to 20kg each tray
Material & FinishSteel / Chrome
ColourGrey / Chrome
Package Dimensions L:860 x W:650 x L:50
Gross Weight27 kg