Choosing a Kitchen Retailer vs Smaller cabinetmaker

Choosing a Kitchen Retailer vs Smaller cabinetmaker

It is a bit overwhelming where to start with so many options in the kitchen industry these days. How do you know which to choose or which one is best.

In your journey you may be evaluating a kitchen retailer compared to a cabinet maker and still not sure how they compare and which to go with. To understand a bit more we have listed below a few distinct differences so you can choose the right option for your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Design and Advice
Most clients we come across like guidance on both design and professional advice when renovating a kitchen or laundry space in their home. This is one area where a kitchen retailer has a distinct advantage. Kitchen Showrooms will display the style and range of kitchen options but most importantly you will be able to feel the materials and see for yourself which will best suit. Zesta Kitchens ensures they keep up to date with the latest trends and Australian and European styles to incorporate into their designs. The showrooms are a worthwhile visit for inspiration.

Time and Delivery of Kitchen
Most cabinet makers will take a long time to make your kitchen and of course delivery and installation will also be further down the track. For kitchen retailers such as Zesta Kitchens they have manufacturing based in Melbourne and they promise to deliver on-time kitchens and will timely trades that is a real plus. With the understanding of quality backed by service you will receive your kitchen in prime condition on the pre scheduled time ready for installation. This is great news as it means your kitchen renovation will be quicker and cause less disruption to the home.

Installation and Manufacturing
One of the key stressful times for home renovators is the installation process. It is often during this time that it seems like the kitchen will never be complete. Working with a kitchen retailer like Zesta Kitchens ensures you have a team of trades on the job, and more waiting as a backup should anything go wrong. This is all backed by Head Office service to ensure everything keeps on track. When relying on a cabinet maker to complete your kitchen this will take time and cause all sorts of problems if they get sick or are unable to come to complete the job for whatever reason.

Here is the big one! When it comes to the of renovating your kitchen the most affordable one is paramount without compromising on quality. Zesta Kitchens, with their manufacturing in Melbourne have loads of stock of kitchen materials and purchases superior materials at lower prices. These savings can then be passed onto you the client. Cabinet makers are more expeensive due to the lengthy time to make each item, work longer on the job to get it completed and end up costing a lot more money than a professional kitchen team.

10 year guarantee on quality is something to stand by. You will want to make sure that the company or cabinet maker will be around for this time should anything need to be replaced. Easy replacement or additional items required can then be added to your kitchen. This may not be the case with cabinet makers so double check all factors.

If you’re after inspiration on your kitchen renovation, Zesta Kitchens are here to help. Contact us today on 1300 190 395 or if you know what finish you like and you’re ready for your new kitchen, then book a kitchen design at so we can design a kitchen for your space.