Kitchen Tips for that perfect Design

Kitchen Tips for that perfect Design

With so many Melbournians wanting to update their kitchen planning is paramount. When you think about the cost of an average kitchen at $20,000 you want to make sure you get it right!

Keeping a kitchen design as simple as possible would be the best idea. In this way the style will last and your kitchen will look timeless. Here's some tips to help you reach that perfect design.

1. White is key

Everyone has different tastes and styles but you will want to stick with neutral ideas such as white. White doesn't age and you can always add pops of colour and your personality with accessories. White always looks fresh, new and clean the perfect kitchen design choice!

Consider creating a mood board to view all your choices. Its a simple way to visualise your final kitchen and how it will owrk in your space.

2. Open style

Open style layout in your kitchen not only opens up the space but looks luxurious. Wherever possible consider this layout style for your kitchen/dining/living area. It is more functional, practical and invite for your family and entertaining guests.

3. Choose Quality

Wherever possible utilise quality surfaces of cabinetry and benchtops to last well. Benchtop materials like marble can marke easy and downgrade the quality of your kitchen.

Timber laminate for cabinetry or benchtops are a great alternative to a cheaper cost but high quality surface to add that architectural feel.

4. Appliances

Don't forget to integrate your appliances to leave your benchtops clutter free. A dishwasher hidden behind a cabinetry door for examaple provides a streamlined architectural feel without costing a fortune.

We always recommend seeking the advice of a professional, experienced Kitchen Designer. They will understand the quality of products and design a space that not only looks good but a perfect design for your family. Give us a call on 1300 100 555 so we can get designing your perfect kitchen design.